I tried all four kinds of mised `` Matcha's amazing series '' such as the innovative `` Pon de pie Uji matcha '' which is a combination of Gion Tsujiri's matcha style pon de ring and crisp pie dough

Mr. Donut and Kyoto's long-established tea specialty store '

Ujicha Gion Tsujiri ' and the second matcha sweets series ' Matcha's surprise ' series collaborated by Toshihiko Armizuka , a world- famous pastry chef from Uji city. Appeared. I tried to eat all 4 kinds of 'Japanese' sweets that use only the most picked Uji green tea.

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A donut born from Chef Armorzuka's amazing idea! misdomeets Toshi Yoroizuka 'Matcha no Maru Series' will be on sale from May 15 (Fri) for a limited time
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So, I came to Mr. Donut.

There was a banner at the store to show that Toshihiko Kamizuka, a world-class pastry, worked on this 'Matcha's Surprise Series'.

Here are all four donuts I bought and brought back.

Each is topped with cream, so it is put in a three-dimensional package with a roof like a

hood so that the shape does not collapse.

First of all, I will eat from 'Crisp Double Uji Matcha' (230 yen excluding tax).

On top of the pie is a piece of crispy baked pie coated with chocolate and Uji Matcha whipped with almond topping.

The pie is coated with chocolate, and when you cut it, you can see that the dough is fully kneaded with Uji matcha.

When I tried eating it, the cookie dough and bagel dough were layered on top of each other, and the outside was crispy and the inside was moist and chewy. In addition to the rich flavor of Uji Matcha for both pie dough and whipped, the slightly bitter taste of pie dough Uji Matcha, the punchy sweetness of whipped, and the crispy texture of almonds are accents. It was

'Crisp Uji Matcha Chocolate' (excluding tax, 230 yen) is a dessert that looks like the different colors of 'Crisp Double Uji Matcha'.

It differs from 'Crisp Double Uji Matcha' in that the coated chocolate is matcha chocolate and the topping whipped is chocolate whipped.

The pie dough is the same as 'Crisp Double Uji Matcha', and Uji Matcha is kneaded.

When I try to eat it, I feel the taste of chocolate strongly at the moment I bite it, but when I eat the mochi dough, the 'bitterness' of matcha spreads in my mouth. Compared to 'Crisp Double Uji Matcha', the sweetness was a bitter and less bitter feeling.

Next is 'Pon de Pai Uji Matcha' (tax not included 200 yen)

Uji matcha chocolate coated pon de ring has almond topping Uji matcha whipped in the center, and it is a sweet matcha.

The pie is attached to the bottom of this Pon de Ring. So it's called 'Pon de Pai'.

If you put in a kitchen knife, you can see that the thin pies of crispy are layered together. The pon de ring and the pie were glued with chocolate.

When I tried to eat it, the puff pastry was crispy so that a loud sound was heard when I chewed it, and the contrast of the texture is outstanding when I eat it at the same time as the pon de ring. You can feel the slightly bitter matcha flavor from the whipped but sweet overall. The crispy pie dough has a strong impact, and it is the dessert that has pushed the Pont de Ring to the forefront.

At the end, we will eat 'Pon de Pai chocolate' (200 yen excluding tax).

The pon de ring coated with Uji Matcha chocolate and the lower pie itself are the same as 'Pon de pie Uji Matcha', but the central whip is replaced with chocolate whipped and the almond topping is replaced with chocolate crunch. ..

When you eat it, you can feel the flavors of matcha and chocolate, respectively, and you can feel that they are well balanced. It was a sweet that you could enjoy the taste of both sweet matcha and chocolate, along with the impact of crispy pie dough and the contrast of texture when combined with the chewy pon de ring.

'Matcha no Asama Series' can be purchased at all Mister Donut stores except some stores from May 15, 2020 (Friday) to early July.

In addition, the first matcha sweets “Matcha no Cho Series”, a collaboration of Mr. Donut, Ujicha Gion Tsujiri, and Toshihiko Armizuka, is still on sale at the time of writing the article. You can read the review of 'Matcha no Cho Series' from the following.

I tried mised new sweets such as `` Pon de Uji Matcha Chocolate Almond '' which is a mochi mochi pon de ring concentrated with Gion Tsujiri's matcha green tea-GIGAZINE

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