Local gourmet garlic scented Aomori gourmet beef rose grilled with a crispy chicken cutlet Katsaya `` beef rose grilled chicken cutlet '' tasting review

' Beef rose grilled chicken cutlet ' appeared from May 7, 2020 as the first of the 'local gourmet plan arranged by Katsuga' that local gourmets around Japan will be reproduced with unique taste. A dish of Towada's

rose grilled in Aomori Prefecture, seasoned with sweet garlic-savory sauce and mixed with crispy chicken cutlet, it is said that you can order not only bowls and set meals but also single items, so you can take out as well. I actually bought it at Katsugaya and tried it.

Arrived in Katsaya.

There was a banner at the store to appeal the new menu.

I bought it and came back. From the left, 'Beef rose grilled chicken cutlet single item (539 yen including tax)', 'Beef rose grilled chicken cutlet lunch (759 yen including tax)' 'Beef rose grilled chicken cutlet rice bowl (649 yen including tax)'.

Comparing the size of the transportation IC card with 'Beef rose grilled chicken cut', it looks like this.

'Beef rose grilled chicken cutlet single item' (left) is only a side dish, but 'beef rose grilled chicken cutlet lunch' (right) comes with rice and dried radish pickled. When you order 'Beef rose grilled chicken cutlet set meal' at the store, pork soup comes with it, but when you take it out, it becomes 'Beef rose grilled chicken cutlet lunch' and pork soup does not come.

'Beef rose grilled chicken cutlet bowl lunch' is 'Beef rose grilled chicken cutlet single item' on rice.

So, let's eat 'beef rose grilled chicken cutlet rice bowl lunch'. When you eat a bite of grilled beef, the delicious taste of beef and garlic sauce will spread in your mouth. The sauce is sweetly seasoned based on soy sauce, and goes well with the sweetness of onions.

The chicken cutlet in a crispy batter contains soft and juicy chicken. The taste of sweet sauce and the scent of garlic stimulate the appetite while complementing the taste of beef and chicken, so white rice proceeded at a blast speed. The scent of garlic is not so strong that the flavors of other ingredients are not noticeable, but after eating, you can see that it smells a little yourself, so people who are nestling as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus eat meat and meat It is a perfect item if you want to.

Eating cabbage after chopsticks gives you a sweet and heavy taste of grilled beef rose and the oil of chicken cutlet.

You can order 'Katsuya's beef rose grilled chicken cutlet' at Katsukaya nationwide on May 7, 2020, and you can choose from single items, bowls and set meals. It also supports takeout, and a questionnaire conducted by Katsugaya on Twitter seemed to be more popular than in the store.

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