I ate two kinds of `` USA bacon classic burger '' that fragrant crispy bacon combined with extremely thick patty at Wendy's First Kitchen

' USA Bacon Classic Burger ' and ' USA Bacon Classic Chicken Burger ', which combine American taste crispy bacon with 100% beef thick patty and chicken fillet, have been available for a limited time at Wendy's First Kitchen. Crispy bacon is smoked with apple wood and has a high fragrance, and it goes well with fresh vegetables, so I actually tried it.

NEWS-Wendy's x First Kitchen


Arrived at Wendy's First Kitchen.

I bought 'USA Bacon Classic Burger' and 'USA Bacon Classic Chicken Burger' and brought them home.

First of all, I will eat from 'USA Bacon Classic Burger'.

The ingredients are pickles, onions, tomatoes, lettuce ...

Crispy bacon, cheese and 100% beef thick patty.

When I try to eat it, the umami and richness of the meat, which is 100% beef thick patty, is concentrated and it is intense. This thick patty is too strong, so the presence of bacon and cheese is weak. Fresh tomato, mayonnaise & ketchup added sourness and moisture, and it had a crisp taste.

Next is 'USA Bacon Classic Chicken Burger'. Chicken fillet is sticking out of the burger.

Looking at the ingredients, the sandwiched vegetables are a simple combination of only tomatoes and lettuce.

The bottom is bacon, cheese and chicken fillet.

The chicken fillet does not have the umami and rich flavor of 100% beef patties, but the crispy chicken fillet taste and the fragrant bacon taste, the fresh tomato sourness, and the lettuce crispy texture feel well balanced. It was done.

The 'USA Bacon Classic Burger' will be on sale from April 23, 2020 for 680 yen including tax and the 'USA Bacon Classic Chicken Burger' for 580 yen including tax. In addition, from the same day, the 'Baconator USA Single', which doubles the patty and bacon of the popular 'Baconator' in the United States, has appeared again.

I ate `` Baconator USA Double '' with meat covered with double lumps of bacon at Wendy's First Kitchen-GIGAZINE

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