Facebook will soon release an app specializing in gaming streaming that will compete with Twitch

Facebook has launched '

Facebook Gaming ' as a hub specializing in 'game videos', but it seems that there are plans to newly use this hub specialized in game streaming distribution as a mobile application.

Facebook to Introduce an App for Gaming-The New York Times

Facebook is launching a dedicated gaming app to take on Twitch, YouTube-The Verge

Facebook Gaming's mobile app version will focus on the streaming community and will be a compilation of 'games played online' including casual games like Words With Friends . The mobile application version of Facebook Gaming is scheduled to be delivered on Monday, April 20, 2020, but it seems that it will be available only on Android terminals at the beginning. Facebook plans to release a mobile app version of Facebook Gaming for iOS devices 'after Apple's approval'.

There are two reasons for the appearance of mobile application version of Facebook Gaming: that Facebook Gaming is continuously growing as a game streaming distribution hub and that the demand for game streaming is increasing due to the new coronavirus pandemic. Listed. According to The New York Times, Facebook was planning to release the mobile app version of Facebook Gaming in June 2020, but it has accelerated the release schedule in view of the current game demand.

'We're focused on investing in games as a form of entertainment that connects people,' Fiji Simo, head of apps at Facebook, told The New York Times. It's not just a form of passive consumption, it's an entertainment that can connect people interactively. '

Facebook has invested in the gaming space for several years and has continued to build a gaming community by partnering with a variety of creators and hosting esports tournaments. However, as a game streaming service, it lags behind its competitors Twitch and YouTube.

Still, according to Stream Elements, which regularly releases analytics on the streaming industry, Facebook Gaming has seen a 210% increase in viewing time over the year from December 2018 to December 2019. The number of users streaming content on Facebook Gaming has increased by 6% and the average number of viewers per hour has increased by 78%. Furthermore, as with Twitch and YouTube, we have succeeded in a containment strategy such as exclusively distributing the contents of popular distributors.

`` They show a global presence and incredible progress by strategically locking people in order to increase market share in the live streaming space, '' said Delon Neil, CEO of StreamElements, on Facebook Gaming. I have achieved it. '

However, Twitch and YouTube still dominate the field of game streaming. Twitch and YouTube account for 61% and 28% of the viewing time in the same field. It is unclear whether Facebook Gaming's mobile app will be a powerful tool to deprive Twitch or YouTube of its advantage, but since mobile apps can easily carry out live distribution, more users can participate in game distribution. Expected

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