NFL games will be seen on Twitch of game streaming delivery service

Game streaming service bought by Amazon in 2014Twitch. Some professional gamers on this TwitchI earn over 50 million yen a monthSome people say that, one deliveryAt the same time more than 600,000 people watchIt has grown to become a popular game distribution platform as it can be. On such Twitch, in 2018NFLIt became clear that we will be able to watch 11 games as well.

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NFL's 2018 regular season will start on September 7, but Amazon will play American football game to be held on NFL and Thursday eveningPrime videoWe updated the partner agreement to distribute on the Twitter, and it was revealed that 11 games held Thursday held in 2018 NFL will be delivered on Twitch.

Things to be delivered on Twitch are 11 games held on Thursday, the first to be held will be held on Thursday, 27th SeptemberMinnesota · VikingsversusLos Angeles · RamsIt will be a game of. It should be noted, that the same is 11 games held on Thursday to be delivered on Twitch will be delivered even on Amazon's Prime video.

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NFL and Amazon will cooperate in strengthening the opportunity for fans to watch the game by increasing the content of NFL, including enabling you to watch the game on Twitch's interactive social video service It is.

Twitch is growing as a streaming delivery service for game players, but besides NFLNBAWe have contracted with the minor league NBA Gatorade League (G League) every game and are growing steadily as a streaming delivery service.

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