Is Facebook exclusive sale of VR version of popular game 'Assassin's Creed' 'Sprinter cell'?

It is reported that Facebook, which owns the VR company Oculus, has signed an exclusive contract with Ubisoft to distribute the new VR version of the popular game series '

Assassin's Creed ' and ' Sprinter Cell ' to Oculus.

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According to The Information of the technical media, there are plans to release the VR titles of 'Assassin's Creed' and 'Sprinter Cell' as new products exclusively for Oculus Store. The plan is one of Mark Zuckerberg's personal focussed efforts, and Jason Rubin, former content director at Oculus, appointed Vice President of Facebook's Game Initiative division in December 2018. The Information has reported that a monopoly agreement has already been signed, as it is being promoted by Mr.

Platform of PC for VR content, operated by Oculus ' Oculus Store ,' said HTC Vive and Valve Index faced the Valve operated ' Steam two,' but mainstream. According to Steam data, as of April 2019, the share of the VR device is divided into 45.62% for Oculus Rift and 41.08% for HTC Vive.

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For Oculus, the title monopoly in the Oculus Store is an important strategy, in order to expand the share of the Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest released in late May 2019. In fact, the action game ' Vader Immortal: Star Wars VR series ' based on the movie 'Star Wars' and the free climbing experience game ' The Climb ' are distributed as exclusive titles of the Oculus Store.

An Oculus spokesman told The Information, 'We can not comment on specific partnerships, but we will continue to focus on expanding the library to reach a wider audience.' I said that. Also, when The Information confirmed the authenticity of Ubisoft's spokesman, there was no response.

In the game industry, exclusive sales of game titles are often discussed, and Steam and other independent game stores, which have a large market share in the PC game market, are promoting exclusive sales of titles in order to compete. Although the PC version of 'Shenmu 3', which raised development funds on the crowdfunding site, became a monopoly on the Epic Games store, many fans criticized it, but Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, said Steam to counter the profit-sharing rate and what 'exclusive' is the best means suing you.

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