'Firefox 75' official release, address bar conveniently evolved

The official version of the web browser ' Firefox 75 ' has been released. Updates have been made to make the address bar easier to use, improve the performance of the Windows version, and incorporate a lazy image loading feature.

Firefox 75.0, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes


Latest Firefox updates address bar, making search easier than ever-The Mozilla Blog

◆ Update of address bar
Clicking on the address bar now displays frequently used sites. To avoid opening the same site multiple times, if you try to open a site that is already open in another tab, that tab will be displayed.

The address bar itself has also grown a bit larger. The suggestion feature is also easier to read because the 'next word' is more focused.

◆ Certificate
All trusted certificate authority certificates recognized by Mozilla will be cached locally. As a result, the possibility of HTTPS communication with the incorrectly set web server has been improved.

◆ Linux version
The behavior of the address bar of Firefox for Linux has been unified in the same way as other platforms, and it is now possible to easily install it using Flatpak.

◆ Improved performance
In Windows version, Direct Composition is used and performance is improved. By using Direct Component, it will be possible to implement WebRender that accelerates image processing for PCs equipped with Intel GPUs in the future.

・ Changes for developers
◆ Image delay loading function
By setting the <lazy> value to the loading attribute of the <img> element, the image will not be loaded until it enters the viewport.

◆ Other updates
The min, max, and clamp functions have been implemented in CSS. min and max are already implemented in Chrome and Safari, and are now available in all major browsers by being implemented in Firefox.

In JavaScript, public static fields have been implemented in class, and Intl.Locale has been added to the standard built-in object to make it easier to handle language identifiers.

Firefox 75 also includes a number of security bug fixes .

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