`` Firefox 71 '' official release released with a picture-in-picture function that allows you to browse comfortably while watching a movie

The official version of the web browser ' Firefox 71 ' has been released. In addition to being equipped with a “picture-in-picture” function that allows you to view a different page while continuing to watch a movie being played on a website while viewing it in a small window, the developer tools have also been updated strongly.

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◆ Contents for general users
・ 'Picture in picture' function to display movie in small window is implemented in Windows version
By clicking the blue part labeled “Picture in Picture” displayed on the right side of the movie, you can pop out the movie and display it.

It can also be placed outside the frame of Firefox, allowing you to browse other sites while watching movies more easily.

-Password manager enhancements
The password manager 'Lockwise' built into Firefox will display login information stored in other subdomains of the site as input candidates.

・ Enhanced Firefox Monitor function to detect leakage of account information
Warnings can be output even to users who use a “screen reader”, which is a function that outputs content to voice and Braille for people with visual and auditory problems.

・ Strengthening of tracking prevention function
By clicking the shield mark displayed in the address bar, the number of trackers blocked on the displayed page is displayed, and a notification is sent when a script for mining cryptocurrency is blocked It becomes.

・ Other
In addition to MP3 decoding being implemented natively, changes have also been made such as the 'about: config' page being reimplemented in HTML.

◆ Contents for developers
・ DevTools loading is faster
By improving the startup script cache, the console test has seen a 40% improvement, and each panel has a speed improvement of 8-15%.

・ Check the contents of WebSocket
The contents of WebSocket communication will be displayed on the 'Messages' tab of the 'Network' panel.

・ Full text search of network panel information
It is now possible to perform a full-text search on the acquired resources, making it easier to determine which resources contain the information that makes up the page.

・ Block specific resources
It becomes easy to confirm the operation when CSS and JavaScript are not loaded.

・ Multi-line mode on console
Multi-line mode is enabled by pressing 'Ctrl + B' in the 'Console' panel. In multi-line mode, the Enter key becomes a line feed, and you can execute the code by pressing 'Ctrl + Enter' instead.

-The variable contents are displayed inline in the debugger.

-Implement log mode for event listener breakpoints
When log mode is turned on, a log is output instead of stopping the code when an event occurs.

Firefox 71 also includes a number of security fixes .

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