The online meeting application `` ZOOM '' popular at home for new coronavirus measures also sends data of people who do not have a Facebook account to Facebook

With the spread of the new coronavirus, more workers are forced to work from home worldwide, and many people use online conferencing tools like ' ' for remote work. . The online conference tool `` ZOOM '' is also one of the tools that explosively increased the number of users due to the spread of the new coronavirus, but despite the fact that it is not specified in the privacy policy in the iOS application version of the tool, Facebook It turned out that even if the user did not have an account, the data was sent to Facebook.

Zoom iOS App Sends Data to Facebook Even if You Don't Have a Facebook Account-VICE

Hey Zoom, don't send our data to Facebook without consent | iMore

Facebook's Software Development Kit (SDK) allows you to easily implement features in your app. However, in the case of an app that uses the Facebook SDK , it has been found that data is transferred from the app to the Facebook side. Usually, when this type of data transfer is performed, the privacy policy of the service states that 'data will be transferred to Facebook', but in the case of ZOOM, such sentences can not be found at all Technology media Motherboard reported.

In addition, the iOS version of the ZOOM app in question is a very popular app that is ranked number one in the business category of the App Store.

'ZOOM Cloud Meetings' on the App Store

'This is amazing: (ZOOM's) privacy policy has nothing to do with transferring data to Facebook,' said Pat Walsh , a data protection and privacy expert who analyzed ZOOM's privacy policy. Not marked. '

In addition, Motherboard analyzed the app's network activity and found that launching the iOS version of the ZOOM app would connect the app to Facebook's graph API . This graph API is used by developers to exchange data with Facebook.

The ZOOM app first notifies Facebook that the user has started the app when the app starts. In addition, it seems that Facebook will send location information such as time zone and region to which the user is connected, mobile carrier used by the user, Advertising Identifier (advertisement identifier) created by the terminal used by the user, etc. to Facebook side .

Facebook told Motherboard, 'When we use our SDK, we require users to be informed in a sufficiently prominent way about how we collect, share and use customer data, especially with third-party apps. We guarantee that this is the case. Facebook may collect information from the app and use that information to provide analytics services and targeted advertising. ' Underscores that data collection is taking place.

However, although ZOOM's privacy policy states that `` There is a possibility to collect Facebook profile information '', user information may be sent to Facebook even for users who do not have a Facebook account There is no statement that there is. Instead, the privacy policy states that 'third-party service providers and advertising partners automatically get information about users when they use the product.' Motherboard, on the other hand, has accused this person of saying that it is 'difficult' to assume that people who do not have a Facebook account will be able to collect data on Facebook.

In addition, Motherboard seems to have asked ZOOM for a comment, but at the time of writing the article, no response has been obtained. In addition, Motherboard is 'potential also privacy to the other in the ZOOM problem has been supplemented and will be seen here and there is', the point at which there is a possibility that hijacked the web camera.

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