Apple notifies the application developer to stop using the tool to record the user screen

by Bagus Hernawan

If Apple is using tools that will allow app developers to record the user's terminal screen, immediately stop using the tool or disclose to users that the tool is in use I am notified.

Apple tells app developers to disclose or remove screen recording code | TechCrunch

February 7, 2019, TechCrunch of overseas media reported that "Many popular iPhone applications are recording the screen of users without permission". According to the report, multiple application developers shoot and record the user's iPhone screen as a screenshot by incorporating a tool called " Glassbox " using session replay technology into the application. In addition, due to companies not handling the collected data correctly, there is an increased risk that personal information of users will be leaked, and furthermore, many companies have not notified the collection of user screens as problems It has been.

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Following this report, Apple seems to be moving at once. According to TechCrunch, if Apple is using tools to record user screens like Glassbox for application developers, either remove code to embed tools or make appropriate information disclosure to users I heard that you are notified.

Apple spokeswoman says, "Protecting user's privacy is most important in Apple's ecosystem.Our App Store Review guidelines include recording, recording, logging, or other means of protecting users' When recording an activity, we are explicitly confirming the consent of the user and it is necessary to visually understand that it is recording. " In addition, Apple has said that developers of applications that secretly recorded user screens are informed that they are in violation of strict privacy policies and guidelines, and for similar issues as necessary It is planned to deal immediately.

Most of the applications use Glassbox tools, which are problematic for many popular applications such as Expedia and, and almost all applications do not specify "recording user screens" by privacy policy etc. It was. However, Apple clearly prohibits tools that collect secret data without user's permission, that is, tools like Glassbox.

According to TechCrunch's survey, on February 7th of local time, Apple announced that violation of the regulations was received from Apple developers using Glassbox, It is said that it was written that "delete the code that records the behavior of". According to a spokesperson who contacted TechCrunch, Apple notified application developers that they should delete the problem code or remove the application from the App Store no more than a day from the press He said that he went. Likewise, TechCrunch is also in touch with a Glassbox spokeswoman, but Glassbox does not have direct contact with Apple, it seems that there is only "communication through customers".

Glassbox is also available for Android application developers. Google Play, an official store of Android applications, explicitly prohibits applications from secretly collecting data on terminal usage as well as the App Store. In Google Play's policy center , "When handling user data (including terminal information, information about users, information gathered from users, etc.), it is necessary to clarify the processing method, that is, It is necessary to disclose the purpose of collection, use, sharing, to use data only for disclosed purposes, and to obtain user consent, "the need for information disclosure is stated. However, at the time of article creation, Google has not commented that it prohibits screen recording tools like Glassbox.

Although Apple showed prompt response from the occurrence of the situation to coping, in CES 2019 which is the world's largest appliance trade fair held in the early 2019 year, he was cocked with rivals such as Amazon and Google focusing on voice recognition assistant , I focused on the privacy aspect of the iPhone and appealed to the user that it is a terminal that users can use with confidence in a big way.

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