Mobile carrier displays `` at home '' in the carrier notation part of the smartphone due to the spread of the new coronavirus

Following the epidemic of the new coronavirus, it is clear that in some countries when connecting to the mobile carrier's network, a message recommending `` Stay Home '' is displayed on the screen of the smartphone on the smartphone screen It has become.

Mobile Networks in Multiple Countries Display 'Stay Home' Message When Users Connect to Cellular Instead of WiFi-MacRumors

Carriers fighting COVID-19 pandemic by pushing 'Stay Home' messages when Wi-Fi is off

With the spread of the new coronavirus worldwide and the fact that it is recommended to keep social distances in many areas, some mobile carriers have announced `` Stay Home '' ) 'Is displayed.

Commenter Matt Navarra, who discovered the message, tweeted that `` German mobile carriers are displaying a 'Stay Home' message when Wi-Fi is turned off, '' and appears on the iPhone screen. Posting a screenshot of the message.

The message 'At home' is displayed in the area that informs the mobile carrier name and network connection status, and when a smartphone or tablet connected to Wi-Fi at home leaves the home and connects to the mobile network What is displayed. In other words, it is a message to encourage users who have left the house to wait at home.

In addition, the message 'at home' seems to indicate not only Germany but also mobile carriers in countries such as Belgium, UAE, Peru, Turkey, India, Luxembourg, Romania, Indonesia and Nigeria. The message 'At home' is also displayed on the lock screen and the 'Settings' application.

There is no need to update the software in order to display this message, and it seems that mobile carriers can change the carrier name part to another message using the GSM standard.

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