Worldwide mobile phone network circumstances August 2016 latest version report, Japan is second in penetration rate and speed is ninth

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An application that can check the radio condition of mobile phone in real time "OpenSignalPublished a report clarifying the circumstances of the global mobile phone network in August 2016. Japan ranked within 10th in the ranking that compiled 3G / 4G penetration rate and communication speed by country.

Global State of Mobile Networks - OpenSignal

The top 20 of 3G and 4G country penetration rate will be the following bar graph. OpenSignal is conducting surveys in 96 countries, and clicking the following graph allows you to check the ranking of 96 countries. The popularity rate of 3G / 4G is the top in Korea, its penetration rate is 98.54%. The second place was 95.52% in Japan, the third place was 95.23% in Israel. Countries that entered the top 20 recorded penetration rates of over 90% across the board, among which 98.54% of South Korea was out of control and set a difference of 3% to Japan in second place.

Even Korea's top 20 in communication speed Korea ranked No. 1 at the rate of 41.34 Mbps. Singapore in second place was 31.19 Mbps and the difference from first place was over 10 Mbps. Japan is ranked ninth with 21.25 Mbps. Asian countries such as Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and China, Northern European countries such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Eastern European countries such as Hungary, Lithuania, Croatia and Czech Republic are among the top 20.

Integrated spectrum which shows 3 G · 4 G penetration rate on the vertical axis and communication speed on the horizontal axis is kore. When the point is close to the upper right, it means that both the penetration rate and the communication speed are excellent. It is South Korea that is located in the upper right corner of the graph by largely sticking to other countries at penetration rate and communication speed, Japan can be said to be considerably superior to other countries compared with other countries.

Below is a graph showing how much Wi-Fi connection is occupied in the total time connected to the Internet by mobile phone. It is 70.05% in the Netherlands that is using Wi-Fi connection in Dantotsu. IT related mediaVenture BeatAccording to the Netherlands, the connection spot of public Wi - Fi is maintained, and there is a possibility that the mobile phone is frequently connected to Wi - Fi even when going out. Japan was 13th place with 58.54%.

The world map showing the penetration rate of 3G and 4G by country shows the high penetration rate by the color depth, the penetration rate is higher as the color is darker, and the penetration rate becomes lower when it is thin. Countries with high color, that is, high penetration rates gathered in North America and Europe, and Africa has a low penetration rate.

This is a world map showing the communication speed. Beyond North America and Europe where Korea was a high penetration rate, it is darker than any other country.

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