Automatically driving Tesla "Auto pilot" When actually running it looks like this

The Tesla EV (Electric Vehicle) is equipped with an automatic driving function "Auto Pilot" using various sensors mounted on the body, but there should not be many people who have seen that actual usage. WIRED has released a movie actually run using such an "auto pilot" function.

How Tesla's Self-Driving Autopilot Actually Works | WIRED - YouTube

Tesla model S. appeared. A model released in 2009, from the end of 2015, "Autopilot" which enables adaptive cruise control, lane change function, automatic parallel parking, etc. was started to be provided.

One of the sensors that enables autopilot is a forward radar installed in the bumper.

Using this radar, we sense the state of the vehicle and road ahead.

In addition, a small round ultrasonic sensor is built in the bumper.

The model S has 12 ultrasonic sensors built in front and behind the car body, and it is possible to sense things within 360 degrees and 4.8 m around.

In addition to these, the actual landscape captured by the forward view camera and the position information acquired by the GPS sensor are combined to enable automatic driving according to the situation of the road.

It looks like you actually turn on the function. It can be said that Tesla is a symbol, use a large display settled on the center console.

At the top there are "Autosteer (automatic handle)" and "Auto Lane Change" switch.

By agreeing to items written as various notes, especially handling not to let go of the handle while driving, you will be able to use the autopilot.

Starting test drive by saying that. This time it is a test drive on a highway.

Pull the control lever next to the handle once to turn on Adaptive Cruise Control.

Adaptive cruise control is a function that keeps the speed of the car according to the circumstances. It is not a special new function because there are many cars from other companies already enabling this function, but it is a convenient function especially when running on a highway. Even if you set the speed to 70 km, if the car in front of the same lane is running at 60 km / h, it automatically adjusts the speed accordingly, and automatically opens to the speed set as soon as you open the front It is supposed to return.

And this time pulling the lever twice ......

Auto steering is turned on, and the car will automatically keep the same lane. .

In Auto Steer, "Auto lane change" that enables safe lane change is possible. If you enter the direction you want to go by operating the turn signal lever ......

If you do, lane change to the next lane is completed. At this time, lane change is not done when there is a nearby vehicle.

In the movie, a complicated situation that lanes increased immediately after lane change was contained, but model S kept chitin and lane without being deceived by this.

While autopiloting, the computer constantly senses the surroundings and the computer is driving safely.

It seems that it is about to get a traffic jam. Even in this situation the autopilot remains on.

Even at low speeds as fast as 15 mph (approximately 24 km / h), acceleration / deceleration, stopping and starting can be automatically performed according to the situation.

But here the reporter of WIRED seems to feel a bit uncomfortable with the approach to the wall. As the ultrasonic sensor shows yellow, it seems that it approaches the wall unexpectedly when it is fitted to the lane, and even if there is actually no problem, it also seems a glimpse of a feeling slightly different from a human being .

"Rainbow road" activated when the hidden item of the autopilot is pulled 7 times on the lever.

This is like a game "Mario Kart" the road is displayed in rainbow color. Even if driving itself does not mean anything, it seems that it is an interesting place that such playfulness is hidden.

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