I tried eating Rabbit's `` chicken meat weight '' while three kinds of yakitori can be tasted brilliantly

If you eat a juicy yakitori with a savory sauce, many people will miss the white rice. A perfect fit for such a person is the chicken chicken weight that has been available at Nakau since March 19, 2020. On the rice with chopped laver, three kinds of juicy thigh meat, refreshing raw meat and Tsukune with ginger are brilliantly served, taste the excellent compatibility of chicken and special sauce with rice It is said that it is possible, so I actually went to Naka and tried to check it.

Leave the taste of skewers as it is! Newly released 'chicken meat' | Information | Bowl and Kyoto-style udon


Arrived at Nakau.

The menu in the restaurant described a limited time product, 'Chicken Zukushige' (690 yen including tax).

As soon as I ordered, 'chicken weight' arrived in about 5 minutes.

On the rice with chopped glue, there are three types of skewers: peach, tsukune and mune, and chopped green onions from the top.

Comparing the size of a heavy box with a traffic IC card looks like this.

First of all, I'll try to eat it. The mushrooms, which have been baked slowly over a charcoal fire, are plump and have an excellent combination of a light taste and a deep sauce. When buying and cooking meat at a supermarket or the like, it often gets crispy rather than refreshing, but this meat was able to feel the taste of chicken firmly.

Next, I will eat thigh meat. When you eat a sip, a juicy, rich gravy spills out, but it has no greasy taste and is easy to eat.

Tsukune is generally finished in a refreshing taste, but you can also feel the taste of chicken. Unlike moyamounane skewers, the meat does not have the texture of the meat itself, but the combination of flavor and sauce of ginger that works well promotes white rice at explosive speed, so the overall score including compatibility with rice is made Felt the best.

'Chicken weight' can be ordered from March 19th in Japan, and can be taken home.

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