I tried `` Peyang Super Large Sake Yakisoba Mashimashi Cabbage '' that can enjoy the crunchy texture of cabbage as much as I want with 5 times cabbage

From Peyang, which is familiar with cups and kakisoba, Peyana Sauce Yakisoba Mashimabe cabbage, which is five times the cabbage of “Peyang Sauce Yakisoba Chodaimori ”, will appear on April 6, 2020 (Monday). Family Mart appeared earlier than other retailers from March 9, 2020 (Monday), so I tried to see how much cabbage is getting better.

Payang Super Large Sake Yakisoba Mashimashi Cabbage | Maruka Foods Co., Ltd.


Peyang Super Large Sake Yakisoba Mashimashi Cabbage | Product Information | Family Mart

Immediately purchased 'Peyang Chodaimori Yakisoba Masimashima Cabbage' at FamilyMart. The whole package is covered in a green package with cabbage leaves printed.

This time, we also purchased “Peyang sauce Yakisoba Chodaimori” for comparison.

Looking at the names of the raw materials, seasonings include Worcestershire sauce, sugar, beef extract, and beef flavor seasonings, and the seasonings include cabbage, seasoned ground chicken, sesame, blueness, and red ginger. The name of the raw material does not indicate a difference from the usual 'Peyang sauce or Kiso soba super large'.

'Peyang Chodaimori Yakisoba Mashimashima Cabbage' consumes 282g per serving and consumes 1267kcal. 'Peyang sauce Yakisoba super large serving' is 237g per meal, energy is 1081kcal, and not only the amount but also kcal is larger than 'Peyang super large serving Yakisoba mashimashi cabbage'. The amount of fried noodles is the same at 180g.

When I peeled off the package and opened the lid, there was a surprisingly large bag with a special sauce, sprinkle and spice bags.

Inside it is full of cabbage and the amount of minced chicken seems to be quite large.

In fact, if you compare the fragrance of 'Peyang Chodaimori Yakisoba Mashimashi Cabbage' (right) with that of 'Peyang Sauce Yakisoba Chodaimori' (right), you can clearly see the overwhelming amount of cabbage. In addition, the amount of seasoned ground chicken seems to be larger for 'Peyang Chodaimori Yakisoba Mashimashima Cabbage', and the amount of not only cabbage but also oysters seems to have increased significantly.

Immediately after putting in yayaki, the fried noodles were covered with cabbage and became invisible.

Pour hot water and wait 3 minutes ...

When the water is drained and the lid is opened, the cabbage returned with the hot water spreads and the whole surface turns green.

Add the sauce, mix and sprinkle with spices to complete “Peyang Super Large Sake Yakisoba Mashimashima Cabbage”.

In the image below, the left is Peyang Super Large Sake Yakisoba Mashimashi Cabbage, and the right is Peyang Sauce Yakisoba Super Large Sap. In both cases, some of the cabbage is hidden, but a comparison shows that the amount of cabbage is overwhelmingly different.

The sauce and cabbage are perfect for sweetness and saltiness, so you can eat more and more. In addition, you can enjoy the crisp texture of cabbage that has increased significantly compared to usual, and you will be fully satisfied.

When eating a cup or kakisoba, some people should say that the amount of noodles is too small and there is a turn to eat noodles much, but if you have this much cabbage, you can eat cabbage with as much as you want You can eat.

The suggested retail price of 'Peyang Chodaimori Yakisoba Mashimashima Cabbage' is 300 yen (excluding tax) and can be purchased at retail stores nationwide from April 6, 2020 (Monday). FamilyMart has been pre-sale since March 9, 2020 (Monday).

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