"Fairly little cup noodle" appeared, so I compared it with normal cup noodles and compared it

In Nissin's cup noodle, "It is often a cup noodle, but it is not enough if it is a mini size", it helps in a scene, it is finished in a crispy seasoned flavor with a reduced amountA little cup noodle"Less cup noodle curry"Little cup noodle seafood"Has appeared on Monday, April 9, 2018. I was wondering how long it was "burning" compared to normal cup noodle, so actually I bought it and tried it.

"Fairly few cup noodles" "Little cup noodle seafood" "Slightly less cup noodle curry" (released on April 9) | Nissin Food Group

"I bought a little cup noodle" "little cup noodle seafood" "cheap cup noodle curry" (135 yen for each tax included) I bought. Compared to normal cup noodles, the content is about 80%, which is a little bit seasoned and seasoned.

The package says "Fairly little" and the concept is transmitted in a simple phrase.

In order to ascertain how seasoned it was, we prepared normal "cup noodles", "cup noodle curry" and "cup noodle seafood" (194 yen including tax). By the way, the cup noodle series is rather lightly calculated compared to normal cup noodle, it is 59 yen, which is about 30% cheaper calculation.

Looking at each package side look like this.

Raw materials are slightly less compared to cup noodles (upper) and normal cup noodles (lower), there are many things that are common with 3 types of cup noodles, but it is somewhat different. In normal soup, there is "chicken extract" which is not contained as much as much.

When comparing less cheaply cup noodle curry (upper) and normal cup noodle curry (lower), there is "seasoned pork minchi" which is not included as much as it is contained in a normal manner at a glance of normal.

When comparing less casually cup noodle seafood (upper) and normal cup noodle seafood (lower), contents are not so different, but the notation of raw materialsIt is written in descending order of weight ratioConsidering that, it turns out that the ratio of cabbage and cabbage is reversed at first.

Since the content is slightly less (left) is 57 g, normal (right) is 77 g, the less contented amount is less than 20 g less, the energy is less than 90 kcal less.

"Little cup noodle curry" (left) has a content of 70 g and energy of 344 cal whereas "cup noodle curry" (right) has a content volume of 87 g and energy of 422 kcal.

"Little cup noodle seafood" (left) has a content volume of 60 g and energy of 276 kcal while "cup noodle seafood" (right) has a content capacity of 75 g and energy of 323 kcal.

Smallly less cup noodle cooking time is the same as normal cup noodles in 3 minutes, but the amount of necessary hot water is slightly different. In case of cod noodles with little orchid smell, the standard amount of hot water is 310 ml, which is slightly higher.

Smallly less cup noodle curry is the same as normal cup noodle curry with 300 ml.

Less cup noodle Seafood is 310ml, so hot water is required less than 10ml less than normal.

When peeling off the lid, the cup noodle (left) is slightly less cup noodle (right) than the normal cup noodle (right), the amount of "obscure" obviously is moderate, the position of the noodle is below.

In cup noodle curry, when comparing less lightly (left) and normal (right), the potatoes, blocky meat, and the amount of noodles are discreet.

In cup noodle seafood, you can see that the amount of fish meat paste products and noodles is moderate compared to normal (left), normal (lower) than normal (right).

I made a comparison with a normal cup noodle to some extent so I started cooking. Just a little less normal, put hot water in each cup and wait for 3 minutes.

Three minutes passed and it was completed.

So, first we eat less cup noodles and normal cup noodles and compare them.

If you sip a little less noodles, it feels the same as cracked noodles of common cup noodles.

When I drink the soup, I feel that the salty taste is modest. However, it is not enough to say that the taste is thin, I feel it is enough seasoned.

Next, we will try to eat less slimy (left) and normal (right) of cup noodle curry.

When I tried it, both cup noodle curry had no effect as spice worked.

Finally, I will try eating normal with a little bit of cup noodle seafood.

When I ate it, it was rather less cup noodle seafood, the salty taste was conservative, I felt the scent of the sea strongly, I felt seafood seems to be increasing. A little less cup noodle is not thin in all three types, it seems to be just right for the person who wants to eat side dishes etc. with "cup noodle", "less need for cup noodles, but less for mini" felt.

"Fairly few cup noodles" "Less cod noodle curry" "Slightly less cup noodle seafood" can be purchased at retail stores nationwide at 135 yen each. You can also purchase on the Internet,Nissin Food Group Online StoreIn the shipping fee separately 135 yen including tax, 20 pieces in case 1 case includes tax included 2640 yen, 20 pieces entered at the time of article creation at the time of article creation "one cup little noodle cup noodle" tax included 2648 yen, " Less than cup noodle curry noodles "is 2639 yen including tax," Low-grade cup noodle seafood noodle "is available for purchase with 2648 yen including tax.

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