Nintendo PlayStation, a phantom game machine jointly developed by Nintendo and Sony, finally appeared at the auction


Nintendo PlayStation ' is an illusionary game console that Nintendo and Sony once worked on joint development but never realized. Such an ultra-rare game console was finally put up for auction, and bidding started.

The world's only known Nintendo PlayStation could be yours—for over $ 15,000 | Ars Technica

Nintendo PlayStation first came out in the consumer electronics trade show, CES , held in Chicago in 1991. The Nintendo PlayStation was co-developed by Nintendo and Sony, but development stopped after the two companies found out that it was in storage. The reason why the Nintendo PlayStation came to see the light again was that in 2015, the prototype of the Nintendo PlayStation was discovered at the home of Mr. Terry Diebold.

By reading the following article, you can see an interview with Mr. Diebold who discovered Nintendo PlayStation and see how he is playing the game on a real machine.

The real of the phantom game machine `` Play Station '' full of black history of Nintendo and Sony has appeared-GIGAZINE

After that, Mr. Diebold has raised the reputation of Nintendo PlayStation over game events in various places, but he decided to put up for auction for economic reasons. Aiming to start bidding in February 2020, we are preparing for listing on the auction site Heritage Auctions.

The details of how Nintendo PlayStation was put up for auction are detailed in the following articles.

Nintendo and Sony's collaborative phantom game machine `` Nintendo PlayStation '' will be exhibited at the auction-GIGAZINE

The Nintendo PlayStation auction has finally begun.

Nintendo Play Station Super NES CD-ROM Prototype-Sony and | Lot # 93060 | Heritage Auctions s

The Nintendo PlayStation exhibited includes not only the main unit but also the attached cables and controllers, and cassettes labeled as 'for demo'.

Heritage Auctions is actually playing Mortal Kombat to check the operation, so you do not have to worry that it will not work because it is too old.

Also, the CD-ROM drive was not functioning at the beginning of the discovery, but it was successfully restored by YouTuber Benjamin Heckendorn who is popular in repair movies for game consoles. However, although it is possible to play a music CD like PlayStation, the existence of playable game software has not been confirmed.

You can see how Heckendon is trying to repair the Nintendo PlayStation from the following article.

Hackers succeed in game play on CD-ROM of phantom game machine `` Nintendo PlayStation '' developed by Sony & Nintendo-GIGAZINE

The back of the main body looks like this. In addition to confirming the multi-output terminal common with Super Nintendo, there is also an output port for which the application is unknown, written as 'NEXT', giving you the romance unique to the prototype.

There is also a handwritten label '2' on the bottom. The meaning of this label is unknown.

The description of the Heritage Auctions listing page states, 'This is the first Nintendo PlayStation to appear in a public auction. It's definitely the most famous, mysterious and controversial relic in the game world. No matter what the outcome of this product awaits, its story will be a legend that will be handed down in the history of video games. '

The deadline for the Nintendo PlayStation auction is 16:00 on March 6th, 2020 (Chubu Standard Time, 2:00 on March 7th, Japan time). After the deadline for bidding on the Internet, live auction will be held again at Heritage Auctions. The bid amount at the time of writing the article was 310,000 dollars (about 34 million yen).

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