A real machine of Super Nintendo compatible "PlayStation" which Sony jointly developed with Nintendo can be found

"PlayStation (PlayStation)" which is known as Sony's game hard is originally the name of a Super Nintendo compatible CD-ROM integrated game machine which Sony had jointly developed with Nintendo. After all, the plan ended up frustrated due to various circumstances, but since the prototype was already completed, Sony decided to advance into the game business and decided to lay the foundation of the current position. This "Super Nintendo Entertainment · CD-ROM Integrated Game Machine" is a vision which did not appear in the world, but the person who obtained this real machine abroad has released a movie to prove that it is genuine .

Nintendo SNES PlayStation finally uncovered! | ASSEMbler - Home of the obscure

Pictures on the ASSEMblergames forumDnldbldWhat users uploaded.

An enclosure like an angular Super Nintendo Entertainment System. "SONY" and "PlayStation" logo are included.

The front side is a power switch and CD tray drive tray of the CD - ROM drive, open / close buttons are aligned, there are two headphone jacks, volume dial, two controllers below. The plastic is discolored for a moment and I feel that it is a period object.

I / O terminal on the back is like this. It shows that the multi-output terminal common to Super Nintendo was a brotherhood existence.

The software stuck in the slot is labeled "92.10.6. Demo". It was said that the management conference Sony decided to advance joint development with Nintendo and decided to advance into the game business by itself was done on June 24, 1992, so it was used for the demonstration in the company after that maybe.

The cassette contains the letters "Nintendo Super Fami Cash Sette".

Although the controller is written as a controller for Super Nintendo, ... ....

On the surface is "SONY" "PlayStation" logo is entered. The logo itself was later officially adopted, a thing different from P and S motif motifs.

A movie that is touching the actual machine on YouTube is also released, as it does not convey that it is genuine only with photos.

Nintendo Playstation Superdisc - YouTube

The controller only seems to have a super Nintendo stuff if it does not have letters.

Controller and main unit

The cassette that sticks is the cassette itself of Super Nintendo

Although it is not in focus well in the movie, the same standard as the Super Nintendo, as well as the cassette insertion slot.

The size of the main body is like this, is slightly larger than the Super Nintendo?

There was a slot for expansion on the bottom.

According to Mr. Dnldbld, this is a "prototype" that his father had, probably guessing that his father got from Mr. Olaf, the acquaintance who worked for Nintendo. Unfortunately there is no power cable and it has never been started, so it is unconfirmed what the inside of the cassette is.

For this "Olaf", he served as CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment for six years since its establishment in 1991 and was in charge of developing both software and hardware of PlayStationÓlafur Jóhann ÓlafssonThere is an opinion that it is Mr., but details are unknown.

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