Phantom game machine `` Nintendo PlayStation '' jointly developed by Nintendo and Sony

' Nintendo PlayStation ' is a phantom hybrid game machine that has the same cartridge slot as the Family Computer and Super Nintendo, but also has a CD drive like Sony's PlayStation. It was jointly developed by Nintendo and Sony in 1991, and the real thing has been carefully observed by overseas news media

Ars Technica .

It's real: Ars Technica goes hands-on with the fabled Nintendo PlayStation | Ars Technica

This is the phantom game machine 'Nintendo PlayStation'. It has the same cartridge slot on the top as Family Computers and Super Nintendo, but it features a CD drive mounted on the terminal to insert the controller on the front.

The controller is the same as that of the Super Nintendo from the shape to the arrangement of buttons, but there are 'SONY' and 'PlayStation' characters in the center of the controller.

There is an L / R button on the top of the controller, and the 'SONY' logo is engraved on the terminal that connects to the main unit.

The letters 'Nintendo SUPER Famicom CONTROLLER' on the back of the controller. It is a very rare controller that has both Sony and Nintendo logos on the same terminal.

Let's play a game ' Super Boss Gaiden ' created by emulating the BIOS of Nintendo PlayStation with a CD drive.

When operating the Nintendo PlayStation CD drive, it is necessary to insert a cartridge written in the following 'for demonstration' and in Japanese on the top surface.

That's why I turn on the main unit ...

The word 'NO CD-ROM SYSTEM' was displayed on the TV screen connected to the Nintendo PlayStation, and it was not possible to play games on the CD drive.

Error message 'no disc' on the top of the Nintendo PlayStation.

There are terminals for inserting various cables on the back of the main unit.

Super Nintendo game software can be inserted into the cartridge slot on the top, and of course you can play games.

In addition, the existence of Nintendo PlayStation has been a topic in the past, and the appearance that Terry's parent and child who accidentally obtained the game machine is actually playing a Super Nintendo game is also released.

The real game of the phantom game machine `` Play Station '' packed with Nintendo and Sony's black history appeared-gigazine

The front of the main unit looks like this. The overall design is more crisp than Super Nintendo.

It seems that up to two controllers can be inserted into the Nintendo PlayStation body as written as '1' '2'.

Power button on the top of the unit.

The Nintendo PlayStation reviewed by Ars Technica has been disassembled and repaired separately by engineer Ben Heck.

Ben Heck's Nintendo-Playstation Prototype Pt 1 Teardown-YouTube

Ben Heck's Nintendo-Playstation Prototype Part 2 Repair-YouTube

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