A game preservation group seeks financial assistance to win two phantom Nintendo software including a power glove game

Although it was developed for the overseas version family computer 'NES', two game software that was never released were exhibited on eBay, an Internet auction site. One of the game software being exhibited was developed for the glove-type controller ' Power Glove ', and the founder of the game preservation organization is seeking financial support for the successful bid due to its high historical value. increase.

Two never-published NES games are up for auction on eBay - The Verge

Unreleased game software was discovered on eBay by Frank Chifaldi, founder of the non-profit organization Video Game History Foundation , which preserves games. Mr. Cifaldi says that he discovers unreleased games about once every five years, but this time he said he discovered two games at the same time. Mr. Chifaldi reveals that the Video Game History Foundation lacks funds and is seeking financial support for the game bidding.

One of the games Cifaldi discovered also came with the original packaging that was supposed to have been sent to Nintendo. said. In addition, from the illustrations included in the original package and the title 'THE BATTLEFIELDS OF NAPOLEON', the discovered game is considered to be the overseas version of ' Napoleon Senki ' sold by Airem in Japan.

The other game software is below. From the attached label, it can be read that the software was prepared for exhibition at the game trade fair ' CES ' by the game development company ' Rare ', which is known for developing masterpiece games such as ' GoldenEye 007 '. increase. According to Mr. Chifaldi, this game was developed exclusively for the glove type controller 'Power Glove'. Mr. Cifaldi said, ``Everyone loves Power Gloves, but do you know that only one game dedicated to Power Gloves has been released?'' Emphasizing the historical value of the game he discovered .

According to Mr. Cifaldi, the exhibitor of the overseas version of Napoleon Senki is the former developer of the same game, and the exhibitor of the power glove exclusive game is the game designer's wife. Mr. Cifaldi expects the winning bid for both games to be between $50,000 and $100,000 (approximately 7.3 million to 15 million yen). We are looking for

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