A bandage treating premature ejaculation is under development

There are people around the world who have trouble with sexual life, and various medicines and devices are being developed as treatments, from

women's viagras to smart underwear that trains energy and erection. A new 'bansoko' that can control premature ejaculation has been developed, and its prototype has been released at CES 2020 , a consumer electronics trade fair held from January 7 to 10, 2020 .

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This is a band that treats premature ejaculation announced at CES 2020. There is no name because it is still under development. Battery-connected electrodes provide mild electrical stimulation.

Devices that “provide electrical stimulation to the part to be stuck” are often used to relieve muscle pain. On the other hand, this patch is intended to disturb the nervous system by sticking to the perineum of a man and delay ejaculation during sexual activity.

It is said that as many as 30% of men show symptoms of premature ejaculation, but the cause is not completely understood. Treatment options in 2020 range from behavioral therapies to anesthesia and medication.

According to Jeff Bennett, CEO of Morari Medical, a developer of premature ejaculation, the band is worn by men, but both the man himself and his partner can be controlled. It is said that you can turn on / off the band with a smartphone app or Fitbit, and adjust the sensitivity with 'volume'.

Because the perineum is an area where the nervous system gathers to transmit ejaculation signals to the brain, it is thought that sending electrical energy here can disrupt nerves and reduce sensitivity. On the other hand, the experiment was conducted on five men suffering from premature ejaculation. Both men had a 'positive impression,' but the effects are subjective.

Mr. Bennett says he wants to bring the device to the market by the middle of 2021, but in that case it will be disposable for sanitation, and the price range is `` $ 25 (about 2700 yen) Is reasonable. '

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