`` Override search '' to find a place to get to if you did not get off the train at the nearest station of the company


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On the way to the company by commuter train, there are many people who have crossed their minds, saying, 'I want to get over and go somewhere without getting off at the nearest station of the company ...'. Aside from whether you can do that or not, ' Override Search ' has emerged that will help you find out what 'Scenery Place' you can reach if you really overtake it.

Override search

It is very easy to use, just enter the departure station and destination (nearest station of the company).

In the case of ' Nishikokubunji to Shibuya ' shown as a sample, it is like this, and after passing the company, it will reach ' Gamaike ' in 8 minutes.

The second candidate is

Senzoku Pond, 18 minutes after passing the company. After passing the Saikyo Line in Shibuya, I changed to the Yamanote Line in Ebisu, and then changed to the Meguro Line in Meguro.

We also examined the case of using Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, one of the most congested routes in the Tokyo metropolitan area. In the case of ``

from Minamisunamachi to Takadanobaba '', do not get off at Takadanobaba and get over to Nakano, change to the JR Chuo Line Rapid, change to the Seibu Tamako Line at Kokubunji, change to the Leo Liner at the Seibu Amusement Park to Negoya Castle . The route was the first choice. It's a considerable distance, 52 minutes past the company.

I also looked at examples of commuting to the city of Osaka. In the case of 'From Minoh to Yodoyabashi ', a route to Hiraoka Park came out in 35 minutes after passing the company. However, when I started to work, if I thought, `` Let's go somewhere else '', instead of changing to the Midosuji Line at Umeda, take the JR Osaka Loop Line and move to Tsuruhashi, and at Tsuruhashi It is cheaper to get to the Kintetsu Nara Line and arrives sooner.

In addition, it is said that the registered 'place with good scenery' uses the item of ' natural scenic spot ' of Wikipedia.

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