Former late master talks "A man with a late habit is not selfish or rude, I think he is a superman"

ByMax Bender

In the world there are "people with late arrivals", and as such an explanation of such people, unexpected that "the bus was delayed because the road was crowded" and "the meeting could not stand up due to prolonged" What is often the cause of. She said she was also a late devilGeorgia Frances KingThinks about such kind of person's mind, "I am thinking things fearfully optimistically, thinking I am superman" and discussing solutions to avoid late arrival .

? Why am I always late Chronically late people share one positive personality trait:? Optimism Quartz

King recognizes himself as "unusual personality". However, it seems that the result of things may be counterproductive because of its personality, for example, if you have five minutes before you leave home, you do not spend that time in vain, but you may need to reattach a button that was falling apart , It takes time too much while arranging the shelves of the refrigerator, and it seems that it happens often that it will be late for the promised time as a result.

Mr. King said that he decided to slow down his own pace by accepting what he said "I do not do anything" rather than driving me myself "I have to do something" when finding time availability about. As a result, it seems that late arrivals and so on are getting less and good results are being produced, but among those, "those who are late arrive"Being incredibly optimisticIt is said that they noticed that they have a common feature.

Typical type of late person's idea is "The concert starts at 19 o'clock, but it will probably start a little late" or something like "Google Maps takes 30 minutes, but it actually should not take so much There are a lot of things like that, and there are a lot of people who think this way of thinking. Certainly, the concert starts about late and it may arrive at the destination several minutes earlier than the expected arrival time of Google Maps, but that is exceptional. Many people have the idea of ​​"bigger misunderstanding than that", because I have the idea that myself should not be so slow, I set up a dreadful plan, and as a result I arrived at the appointment time and appointment time It can be said that I have made a mistake that I can not do it.

ByAndy Beales

It is believed that the cause of the "misunderstanding" occurs occasionally, a miraculous event "arrived at the destination earlier than planned". In the car navigation forecast it was a 20-minute journey that happened to be the case when all the traffic lights were blue and arrived in 15 minutes, the train connections were getting along well and arriving by one train earlier than planned Although it occurs rarely, it is only a result of being fortunate enough. However, I overvalued this miracle too much, "The prediction of car navigation and transit guide application is not reliable, I can always arrive earlier than expected always" and the idea that "I leave home for a while Although it is delayed, as a result it will arrive on time as much as possible "and if it can be said that it is a feature common to those who are said to be late forgings to embrace excessive optimism Thing.

Prediction of things based on such fortune generally does not produce good results. I think that plans that are too optimistic often end in failures in many cases and think that the fact that people with late habits always lag behind in time is the most vividly representative of this can also do.

Mr. King said, "It is 24 hours a day and we can not make a schedule exceeding the limited time of 1440 minutes.Learn and accept that the meeting scheduled for 30 minutes may be 45 minutes He said, "People who tend to be loose in time should argue about their way of thinking. However, I think that the way of thinking at this time does not think that "I am selfish and a person who is rude to others," but "I am making a mistake that things always go smoothly" It is supposed to be.

ByMarco Verch

Then, what kind of thinking should actually be changed about that, King says "Do not abandon optimism but that you do not think that you are a superman"I write down. Occasionally events around you may proceed smoothly, but that is a story only when you are fortunate enough, and usually some unpredictable event happens and hinders progress. Incorporating in advance that there is such aspect in things in advance, even if you encounter an unexpected incident you can prevent the worst result (= late).

Moreover, it is important to grasp on the basis of the fact on how much time is actually spent on actual work, such as moving somewhere, processing mail at work, etc. Even though I thought that "mail can be processed in 15 minutes", sometimes more than 1 hour has passed since 30 minutes when actually reading mail. Rather than optimistically predicting such a situation, it is possible to avoid the situation that you are being chased by time by thinking that it may take a little longer.

King concludes with "I can not predict what can not be predicted, but I can prepare for that," concludes. When proceeding things, it is also necessary to make plans that do not fit the length of the sky, rather than lagging behind the schedule, to have more processing capacity than before, It may be that the person who deal with it successfully and advance things smoothly results in "competence".

ByJon Grogan

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