What are some tips for focusing on tasks with as little distraction as possible?


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It is ideal to concentrate on the task at hand and finish the work at once, but in most cases it will be distracting and it will be difficult to stay focused until the end. Stever Robins , a business-related podcaster, advises on “how to distract yourself” and tips on focusing on tasks.

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At the beginning of the day, I decided to focus on this job today, but when I realized I had the experience of doing other things such as replying to emails, checking SNS, visiting my favorite websites, etc. There must be many people. Even if you do not schedule a meeting so that other people do not interrupt your work, and you are confined in a quiet room, you will not be able to prevent the urge to “distract” that springs up from within you.

“Our technology was once designed by people who wanted to improve our work more efficiently. After that, they addicted and distracted us much I noticed that I can make a lot of money, ”he said, pointing out that the tools overflowing the world are designed to distract people. For this reason, it is very difficult for people to complete their work without distractions.



So Robins suggests that you create a to-do list for distractions. In this method, you first prepare a piece of paper and writing utensils, and write out the tasks to be done today at the top. Next, write “ToDo list for distracting” underneath, and place or paste it in an easily visible place.

After that, you begin to work on the task as originally scheduled, but in most cases you will be distracted by something else as usual. Whether you check SNS on your smartphone or start watching your favorite website, the temptation won't disappear when you create a to-do list at the beginning of the day.

Still, if you put a “ToDo List for Distractions” in a prominent place, you can remember “tasks to do today” while you are distracted, and realize that you are off your route. Mr. Robins points out that the difficulty in dealing with distractions is that it is difficult to recognize that you are distracted. For this reason, Robins argues that by putting a “to-do list for distractions” in a prominent place, it will be easier to recognize that you are distracted and deal with it easily.



Next, when you are distracted, think about what you are doing for distractions. Some actions that deviate from the main task may be of some importance. So, in the “ToDo List for Distractions”, write down the actions you ’re currently doing, such as “visiting a website”, “checking SNS”, and “reserving a restaurant” to determine how important each task is.

For example, “Website visit” and “SNS check” are less important, but “Restaurant reservation” needs to be done. In that case, write a star mark next to “Reservation of restaurant” and indicate “This is very important”. If priority is given to actions for distraction in this way, it will be calm and it will return to the original task this time.

Mr. Robins recommends that you decide in advance that you will be distracted when the task is about to finish. At that time, you should check the “ToDo List for Distractions” and follow the “significant distractions” marked with a star to release the temptation that you accumulated during the task. Robins argues that it is important to be aware of distracted conditions as soon as possible and to perform distracted actions after the task, as it is difficult to completely eliminate distracted conditions.

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