Need to take a break to focus on work and get maximum productivity


Nowadays, many people at work focus on improving productivity rather than working time. If you continue to work without taking a break from morning, it will be exhausted at 3 pm, but if the break is too long and you look at SNS for 2 hours by accident, concentration will be interrupted and productivity will decline What you do. Psychologist Ellen Hendriksen explains that it is necessary to take an appropriate break to focus on work.

7 Strategies to Maximize a Break Without Losing Focus

The end and beginning rest periods, such as holidays and paid holidays, play a very important role in human rest. However, it is surprisingly difficult to take a short break during a day's work, and due to factors such as deadlines, superiors eyes and guilt, it tends to keep working without taking only a rest. On the other hand, if the break is too long, your concentration will decline. However, Hendriksen says taking appropriate breaks even while at work can result in increased productivity. These are the seven recommendations for work breaks that Hendriksen argues.

◆ 1: It is more useful than not taking any type of break
Many people think, 'If you watch videos, listen to music or play games during your vacation, you will lose your concentration.' However, according to Hendriksen, taking any type of break, taking a rest from work will eventually improve productivity.

In a 2017 study, we are investigating how the break affects productivity by having two groups perform 45 minutes of intensive tasks. Different types of tasks, such as playing a game on your smartphone, sitting silently, listening to songs, watching videos, etc. in the middle of a task for one group, without taking a break I took a break for 5 minutes. As a result, the group who took any type of break performed better than the group who did not take any break at all. Hendriksen believes that any kind of break is better than not taking a break.


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◆ 2: Breaks with different content from work are effective
Human beings are creatures that will eventually become used to the stimuli given on a sustained basis. If you live in a busy area, you will soon not be bothered by the noise of cars driving in front of your house. This is also true for work, and people who have been engaged in the same job for a long time even if they are involved in an exciting project are less likely to get a stimulus.

So, researchers at the University of Illinois than to take an appropriate break in the work, and 'reset cognitive target, it is possible to regain the stimulation of work,' claims have been. For example, if you are looking at the screen all day long, it is more effective to take a type of distraction (walking or light exercise) without looking at the screen when taking a break. Hendriksen, however, said that even a screen-based break is better than no break at all.


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◆ 3: productive but easy work is also suitable for breaks
If you take too much time to take a break while working, you may lose your motivation for work or have an unexpected amount of time. To avoid such a situation, Hendriksen argues that 'doing a productive but easy task' is also good for a break.

For example, you can rearrange your mail, book an airplane ticket for a private trip, or shift your brain down without breaking your attitude to work for tasks that don't need to use your brain. It's best if you can take a break well without losing productivity, in combination with the fact that a break away from work is an effective type.


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◆ 4: When there is no time, only one minute is fine.
If you think that you have to take a break, you tend to think of securing 10 minutes or 15 minutes of time at a time. However, if you are taking a break to focus more on your work rather than recovering from your fatigue, you do not need to have another long time.

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Melbourne imposes a series of tasks that require the subject to keep looking at the screen of the PC, showing only a 40-second picture of the “flower-filled roof” on the fly while working It was Then, the group who saw the picture that can feel nature can greatly reduce mistakes in work, so even in real work, you can stand at the window for only 1 minute, and you can improve productivity by just looking at the outside green Says Hendriksen.

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◆ 5: Should take a break in the morning
Many desk workers work longer in the afternoon than in the morning, so they tend to take a break such as having coffee or eating sweets at around 3 pm. However, according to research by researchers at Baylor University , it has been found that taking a break in the morning can improve productivity more than taking a break in the afternoon.

As of 3:00 pm, the workers' brains are already exhausted, and it is impossible to regain high productivity when taking a break, and administrative tasks that do not require brains at most, and tasks such as exchanging e-mails seem to be slow. is. People have the most concentration in the morning, so by taking a break at 10 or 11 am, it is possible to regain the highest productivity at the 9 am level.


◆ 6: You do not have to take a break when you are concentrating on work
Hendriksen says that it is not necessary to keep up with the cycle of having to take a break and stay focused for 25 minutes strictly for 5 minutes if you are too stuck with the idea that you have to take a break. If you're focused on your work and feel creative, you don't have to take a break and take a break.



◆ 7: We rest well on holidays and holidays
With the development of devices such as laptop PCs and smartphones, and the spread of message apps and task management apps, people feel that they have to reply when they get work on holidays. However, unlike work breaks, holidays and vacations do not have to be rested while maintaining focus on work.

Even if you have a few work days on weekdays, it is also important to shut off Kippari and work-related tasks on holidays. Hendriksen said that it's important to be aware that the holidays are not days to work leisurely, but not to work completely, to challenge what you want to do and to spend time with family and friends.

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