Claim that there is no need to feel sorry for someone even if taking a nap while at work

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"To snooze at work" is considered a bad way in contemporary society, but as a nap will raise human perception, attention and productivity,The New York TimesofTim HerreraHe recommends "to take a nap without feeling sorry while working".

Take Naps at Work. Apologize to No One. - The New York Times

Employees that "I am tired even during my work" exist in many companies, for exampleBersin by DeloitteJosh Bersin, the founder of the company, acknowledges that "there is a problem with the productivity of employees due to fatigue." However, although it is known that lunchtime and coffee break refresh people and increase productivity, the usefulness of a nap is not widely known. Therefore, it is necessary to make evidence that nap increases attention and productivity of people and appeal to boss.

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In the past research, the contents that the nape will clear away the mist of the head that occurs during the day has been announced several times. For example, in a study by Dr. Sarah Mendic of the University of California, who conducted an experiment of subjects to test perceptual performance four times a day, the performance of subjects was normal at the end of the day as the day finished I got a result that it got worse. However, it was found that the performance got better as the subjects took a 30 minute nap during the test. Researchers say that "People who took a nap of 60 minutes have reached a point where performance has recovered, researchers say" Proper quality sleep has great benefits as much as the whole night's sleep. "

According to Dr. Mendic, the benefit obtained will vary depending on the length of the nap time. For example, a nap of 20 to 60 minutes is one of sleep cyclesNon-REM sleepBecause of the length that you can enter the stage of, you can improve your memory and learning abilities.

Also, in a nap of 60 minutes or more, improve creativity, perception processes, etc.REM sleep, And people will be able to connect disjoint ideas to each other. For this reason, Dr. Mendic recommends a ninety minute nap, which is one cycle of non-REM sleep and REM sleep.

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On the other hand, in a study that investigated the sleeping habits of tribes who are hunting and collecting living in Tanzania, Namibia, Bolivia, etc., the hunters who worked in the morning were lightly rested in the shade of the trees and then restarted and then moved again, A cycle of going into a sleep is reported. From this, Jerome Siegel, who studies psychiatry and biological behavior science, says "The only way to solve daytime drowsiness and fatigue is" sleep tightly in the night ", 7 to 8 hours of It is ideal to take a sleep, but modern people who can not get enough sleep will need a nap.

In order to take a firm sleep at night, Mr. Sieg recommends "to avoid taking caffeine late in the day", "if the time to sleep at night fluctuates, happen in the morning at the same time" It is. Then search for "a place that is quiet and not disturbed by anyone", "to create as dark space as possible by making an eye mask, to make an earplug," "set a nap time of about 20 minutes" , You can realize a perfect nap.

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