The way to raise the efficiency of lack of sleep is to think in "in bed" that "sleep well"


Although I tried entering the futon at the end of the day, but I became worried about the little things and could not sleep,The way to sleep soundlyI think that there are also many people that have experienced experience ... that it has become unnecessary to sleep while investigating. In the morning of such a next day, I do not have enough sleep to work and study during the day due to lack of sleep, but when I was in such a situation,slept wellIt seems that performance improves by thinking it.

Study: Believing You've Slept Well, Even if You Have not, Improves Performance - Julie Beck - The Atlantic

The results of testing what effect the researcher at the University of Colorado thought of "being fully sleepy" will giveJournal of Experimental PsychologyWe announced in. This researchPlacebo effectTake a name from "Placebo sleepAccording to the research results, the consciousness of "not sleeping enough" is one factor that degrades the performance during the day, and if you want to spend a day comfortably, sleep deprivation Even if it is good to forget it completely.

What kind of process did you derive from the results of this research?

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◆ Experiment method
In this study, first ask the subject to indicate how much deep sleep last night was from 1 to 10. Next, the researcher will take lessons about "sleep depends on cognitive function" for about 5 minutes, and I will say that this lesson is necessary knowledge to conduct research.

During the lesson, "Adults are sleeping 20 to 25% of sleep is REM sleep, and if the rate of REM sleep is lower than this, the performance will be low in learning tests, etc. Conversely, over 25% of sleep time He gave a false information that if I spent REM sleep it will be able to get good results in the test. "


After that, we connected a device to measure the pulse rate, heart rate, brain wave, etc. to the subject "I will measure how much REM sleep I took you last night with this device". However, it actually seems to have measured only the brain wave of the subject.

And tests were carried out telling that REM sleeping time of a lie was to take REM sleep from 16.2% to every subject 1 and sleeping 28.7%. The content of the test is the most relevant auditory and processing speed test for sleep deprivation. In addition, in order to suppress bias in experimental results, these experiments were repeated for multiple subjects.

Experiment result
As a result of the experiment, subjects who were told that they took REM sleeping time more than average (subjects with a REM sleep rate of 25% or more) leave good results in the test, and REM sleeping time less than the average (REM sleep rate is 20 Subjects reported to have less than% of subjects) were able to demonstrate less than average performance in the tests.


Based on the results of this study, I realized that performance can be improved in lacking sleep by thinking in the mind that "I slept well". In other words, it also suggests that if you do not sleep, such as "I'm sleeping only for 2 hours", that performance will be reduced for that person,Excessive sleeping appealAttention is necessary.

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