When you can not sleep What is the reason why you can sleep just by "putting your legs out of the futon"?

ByLauren rushing

Even though I have to get up early the next day, there is something everyone has experienced that I can hardly get to sleep with my eyes being patchy. A movie showing an easy way to go over when trying to sleep can not be sleepy has been released and it is worth trying out.

How Your Feet Help You Sleep: "The Science of Us" Episode 1 - YouTube

I can not sleep even if I want to sleep.

Drink hot milk ... ...

Even if she counts sheep, she can not sleep.

Despite stopping using PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc., there are times when you get patchy.

In such a case I should try it ......

It is a method of putting the ankle out of the futon and the towel and letting it cool a little.

When body temperature is high, caution and attention are high.

Higher body temperature increases memory ... .........

Will be stronger ...

It is far from sleeping, such as a reaction becoming over sensitive.

That only means that we should oppose the theory that "it is hard to fall asleep when the body temperature is high."

Previous research has revealed that body temperature falls just before falling asleep.

In other words, if you can lower body temperature intentionally ...

It means that the brain will enter sleep mode more easily.

So, why is it that cooling the lower part from the ankle will lower the body temperature, the reason?

Actually, below the ankle there are two different points from the rest of the body.

One is that there is no body hair on the sole of the foot.

The other is the vascular structure below the ankle.

The ankle and hand are connected directly with the artery and the vein without pinching the capillariesArteriovenous anastomosisI have a vascular structure called "How many juniors are there?" Arteriovenous anastomosis is specialized to regulate the amount of heat dissipation and it seems to be the best part to cool body temperature.

If you can not sleep and put your feet outside of the blanket or blanket, the temperature of the blood of the arteriovenous anastomosis falls and that blood circulates the body.

As a result, it is said that body temperature falls and sleep is promoted.

However, the body may dissipate heat from the arteriovenous anastomosis to lower the body temperature, at that time the foot and wrist become warm with warmth. Because this is to lower body temperature, heat may not be dissipated if you cool the foot rapidly with ice water or the like. So it is good to keep your feet cool when you can not sleep as much as you put them out of the futon or blanket.

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