Ten facts not well-known about "muscle"

ByAnders Eriksson

"The muscles that produce the most power", "the biggest muscle", "movement that moves about 200 muscles at a time", "the hidden ability of the muscles that they actually have", etc. I think that "I see ... ...." 10 Muscle facts gathered moviesBuzzFeedVideoIt is open to the public.

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Movement of the eyeball is a constantly moving six muscles in the cranial eye recessSuperior rectus"Lower rectus muscle"Inner rectus muscle"Outer rectus muscle"Superior muscle"Inferior muscle"It is adjusted by.

In the ass "Gluteus maximus"Is the largest muscle in the human body trained with squats and the like.

The smallest muscles are in the ear.

While running, than the leg musclesHeart muscleIt moves twice as intensely.

"Tighten or loosen the anus"Kegel exercise (pelvic floor muscle exercise)By urine leakage andVaginal dischargePrevention is possible such as.

Muscles that use eyebrows will reduce less muscles than making a smile.

How to move about 200 muscles at once ...

"Step on foot".

The body shakes wiggly when it is cold is because the muscle contracts and tries to raise the body temperature.

According to research, muscle is "Muscle memoryHaving a memory called "..."

Even though my muscle mass is high, even though my muscle mass drops as I am training I can return to the time when my muscle mass was quickly resumed as soon as training is resumed. On the other hand, if a person with small muscle mass trying to increase muscle a lot, it will not increase soon.

35% to 40% of the human body consists of muscles.

Where is the "strongest muscle" stronger than any part in the human body, it was "jaw muscle" to chew objects.

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