Clearly it is 60% more creative ability to improve by walking than sitting

ByFrancisco Osorio

A joint research by Marily Oppezzo, a graduate of the Doctor of Educational Psychology at Stanford University, and Daniel Schwartz, a professor at the Faculty of Education at Stanford Graduate School, showed an average of 60% when walking rather than sitting, Also involved in inspiring new things and creating things "Creative ability(Creativity, creativity, creativity) "to improve the creativity.

Stanford study finds walking improves creativity

In the study, walking improved the creative ability, which turned out to be effective both indoors and outdoors. In other words, the act of walking itself is the main factor that improves creative ability, which means that it is not significantly affected by the environment. It is also known that when walking, the creative ability is consistently higher than when sitting.

ByThomas Leuthard

Journal of Experimental PsychologyAccording to Mr. Oppezzo and Mr. Schwartz's research which was announced at that time, many studies focused on "how aerobic exercise protects long-term cognitive function", but these studies He said that he did not present a survey on the effect of the "light walking that does not become an aerobic exercise" among others. And Mr. Oppezzo said "Walking outdoors was most effective, but I am very surprised that walking around running machines and walking around the room also showed outstanding effects," researchers said I am revealing that I am surprised at the result.

In Oppezzo and Schwartz's research, 176 college students and adults were asked by subjects "walking on indoor running machines" "sitting in chairs indoors" "walking outdoors" "get on the wheelchair outdoors and push and move It seems that they investigated whether there is a difference in creative ability for each of the four states, "We are in a situation." The reason why we set up the condition of "get on a wheelchair outdoors and push and move" is because there was a possibility that visually moving outdoors could affect creative ability.

In the experiment, we investigated what kind of creative idea comes up to find the process and method of thought and many solutions to measure creative ability. Specifically, as an example of the contents of experiments, there are three subjects to which three objects are given, and to consider as many combinations as possible in 4 minutes. And, as a result of this experiment, it turned out that the creative ability was improved when walking.

ByArt Crimes

In experiments it seems that walking in the indoor has improved creative ability rather than walking outdoors, and even if you sit a chair a bit after walking around a bit, the creative ability is still improving It is obvious.

Brainstorming gives better results, but it has also been found that there is no great difference in performance, whether walking or sitting, when asking for something of a single answer. In other words, if you want a new perspective or idea, Oppezzo says something good idea may come about by 'walking'.

ByGareth Williams

Professor Schwartz commented that the results of this research will be useful in fields such as neurology and physiology, and we are clearly stating that we will continue our research on "why these phenomena will occur".

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