It's better to walk to generate creative ideas than to sit and think

A study published by the American Psychological Association found that walking was more effective than sitting when it came to performing imaginative tasks.

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Taking a walk may lead to more creativity than sitting, study finds

Walking May Boost Your Creativity

Marily Opezzo of Santa Clara University and others gave 176 college students a problem to demonstrate 'imagination' and made them think. The example question was 'What other uses do you have for tires other than cars?' Out of the answers derived from this, high scores were given to realistic and highly original ideas.

The places and situations in which people think are also different. Some people sit indoors, others walk outdoors, and others use wheelchairs to go outdoors. was done.

As a result, it was found that walking people are twice as creative as sitting people. Among them, those who took the step of ``walking after sitting'' increased their creativity by an average of 60% or more by walking.

This study confirmed that walking enhances creativity, but on the other hand, it is known that walking has a slightly negative effect on tasks that require concentration.

In the problem of guessing the three words presented and the words that make up the compound word, the result was that the person who walked was slightly worse than the person who sat down. An example of the word issued as a problem is 'cottage' 'Swiss' 'cake', and the correct answer is 'cheese (cottage cheese, Swiss cheese, cheese cake)'. In such a problem of 'leading out one answer', it turned out that the effect of walking is not demonstrated.

“Further research is needed to understand how walking enhances creativity,” Opezzo said. Incorporating physical activity into your life has a positive impact not only on your heart, but also on your brain.”

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