About the six false beliefs that are believed about "decline due to aging"

ByEmanuele Colombo

Unfortunately, humans are weakened by aging. Although it is often that we do various efforts so as not to put a burden on the surrounding people by sending out a healthy and good life with suppression of declines even a little, but when we compile a lot of research results side by side, in fact I can see the entity that the effect of aging is not as big as it is thought.

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In the graph below,Change with ageA comparison between the ratio (blue) who thinks that people between the ages of 18 and 64 are "happening" and the proportion (green) of people who are 65 years of age or older who realize "it is so". "Degraded memory", "I can not drive" "Severe illness" "Sexual ability declines" "Sad feeling and mood deterioration" "Loneliness" "Anxiety in money" "Become a burden of someone" In response to the question of the question, people over the age of 65 in all items than the younger generation's expectations said "that was the case"The actual value is lowI understood the result. That is,Problems due to age are not as serious as young people thinkIt is clear that it is.

Thus, it is highlighting that there is a big difference between fear of change due to age and actual experience. About such age-related six common theories, its actual appearance is clarified below.

◆ Theory 1: Decline of mood will happen when you get old
It is easy for young people to imagine "Old is a period of decline in life" without permission, but it is another matter whether people who are actually age actually feel that way. In one survey, the result that "satisfaction of mind" increased until the age of 70 years, and Mr. Nagasato who is over 100 years old saw the report "Comprehensively high satisfied state" There is also.

In the graph below, it shows generation-specific answers to the question "How old will you be if you exceed the age of older", under 30 years old is "60 years old", 30 to 49 years old As you can see, "69 years old", 50 to 64 years old "72 years old", and 65 years old and over, "74 years old", and the older people 's "elderly" standard gradually increases. Actually age-old, it may be realized that "old" is not as serious as young people are worried.

◆ Theory 2: A decline in cognitive ability can not be avoided
It is biologically inevitable that the ability of the brain to decline with aging is inevitable. It is statistically obvious that the result of the reaction test will decline or the judgment speed will be delayed, but it is somewhat premature to think that the influence will also appear greatly in real life It seems. Professor Lynn Hasher of the University of Toronto said in a survey that, except for the effects of dementia, "the results of typical ability tests conducted in the laboratory systematically decide the skill of the elderly in real life systemically "It is said that there is a difference between the test number and the real life impact.

Also, in a survey conducted by Professor Denise Park of Texas State University, a group that tackled new knowledge such as "learning sewing to create quilting" and "learning how to use the iPad" and "groups of puzzle play" and "storyteller" As compared with the groups that performed sufficient activities only with the existing abilities like the group that has done the new knowledge as expected, the group announced that dramatic improvement in memory and processing speed was seen. Based on this result, Professor Park says, "The challenge to new things related to the mental face is very important, it is important to jump out of a" cozy place "in your heart."

The graph below shows the answers to the question "How do you feel about yourself in the same generation" by generation? There were many people who answered "Their age" among 18 to 29 years of age, whereas in other generations there were more people who answered "I am young" than the general public It is clear that there are few people who answered "Old".

◆ Theory 3: Productivity declines when you get older
In the United States, the proportion of workers who are 55 years old or over accounts for 22%, which has increased significantly from 12% in 1992. On the other hand, however, it is not thought that the productivity of society as a whole has declined greatly. Of course, there are helpers due to improvements in production technology, but it is also true that the decline in productivity due to age is not affected more generally than it is generally thought, Harvey Sterns of Akron University, USA As a result, it concludes that "There is no substantial link between aging and job performance."

In addition, Germany's "Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy" surveyed 3,800 workers working at Mercedes-Benz factories. It was revealed that high age workers were less likely to cause serious mistakes than young workers and veteran workers used their experiences to avoid mistakes, thereby lowering productivity It is concluded that you have acquired the ability to avoid.

ByLucky Rubi

◆ Theory 4: It tends to be lonely alone
It is inevitable that the range of activities narrows as the age becomes old, and connection with people decreases, but this does not mean "loneliness". Indeed, there are also several survey results that friendship will be more polished as older age.

Professor Karen Fingerman of the State University of Texas said, "The proportion of elderly people who enriched married life, good friendships, parents / siblings with few collisions, and a more close social connection is higher than in younger generations In addition, it says that it is less likely to be involved in "human relations with problems that become a source of trouble".


Although the number of people involved with age will decrease, among them those who have more important relationships to himself are sifted so that people with an unavoidable relationship are extracted and as a result intimate and affluent The mechanism that human relationships are formed is clarified.

◆ Theory 5: Creativity declines with age
Just like John Lennon / Paul McCartney of the Beatles who swept the world in the early twenties and Steve Jobs / Steve Wozniak who launched Apple at a young age, "creativity" is only for young people For example, people who remarkable achievements in the 19th century were not necessarily limited to the younger generation.

Professor Dean Keith Simonton of the University of California, Davis, in his field of mathematics and logical physics, in which leap of thinking leads to great accomplishments, the sharp thinking abilities of 20's plays a big role, but historical studies and philosophies accumulate It is not uncommon for researchers in their 60s to be active in fields where knowledge is required. Also, artists such as Mark Twain, painter Paul Cezanne, and architect Frank Lloyd Wright, have been appreciated great achievements in the years to come.


◆ Theory 6: It is better to exercise as much as you want
Also, it is widely known that exercise is good in order to cover the decay of the body due to aging, but it seems necessary to keep in mind that there is a moderate amount. According to a report by Professor James O'Keefe of the University of Missouri in the United States, the research team conducted research for about 1100 jogging enthusiasts and about 4000 joggers, from 2001 to 2013. Then, it became clear that those who are jogging live longer by 6.2 years for men and 5.6 years for women on average.

However, among those who are jogging, the tendency for the proportion of living longer to lose and the lifetime becoming shorter is obvious in the case of a person regularly continuing jogging at high speed of, for example, over 12 km / h It is being done. Professor O'Keefe points out that "due to excessive exercise caused by heart injury", for example, the distance traveled in one week is up to 50 km, when intense exercise it takes about 1 hour per day, and regularly It is recommended to take a good balance between exercise and health by taking enough rest.

ByGianluca Paganotti

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