Lowering cholesterol and triglycerides to prevent heart disease, masterpiece of pistachio nuts champion

Analysis of the data of 25 experiments conducted for about 600 people in seven countries from 1992 to 2007 revealed that totalcholesterolWhenLDL(So-called bad cholesterol) value,TriacylglycerolIt seems that the effect of nuts which reduces (neutral fat) is revealed.

Also, among a number of nuts,pistachioHigh attention is paid to the high health effects, experts say that one hand one point pistachio will be effective in the heart and cardiovascular system one day.

Details are as below.A Handful Of Pistachios A Day May Keep The Cardiologist Away

Archives of Internal MedicineThis magazine publishedMeta-analysisIsLoma Linda University School of Public HealthDr. Joan Sabaté and colleagues analyzed the data of 583 men and women aged 19 to 86 years from 25 experiments conducted in the past in order to investigate the relationship between ingestion of nuts including pistachio and cholesterol. In each experiment, the intake of nuts ranges from less than 1 ounce (28 g) per day to 4.75 ounces (135 g), and on average the average is 2.4 ounces per day (67 g).

As a result of analysis, by ingesting 67 g of nuts a day,TriacylglycerolThe value decreased by 10.2% in the group which was high before the experiment started, the total cholesterol decreased by 5.1% and the LDL - cholesterol decreased by 7.4%.

The range of LDL-cholesterol concentration reduction was significantly larger in people who were originally higher than those with normal values, and in subjects sending a typical Western-style diet, both low cholesterol and LDL-Mediterranean diet(Mediterranean-style diet method in which 25% to 35% of lipid in daily intake energy, of which calorie due to saturated fat is made 8% or less) was seen to be greatly reduced. In other words, it seems that nuts were more effective for those who had higher cholesterol levels due to unhealthy eating habits.

Also,BMIThe subjects with low BMI had a greater cholesterol lowering effect by ingesting nuts than subjects with high BMI. Effects were correlated with intake and effect, and the effect was seen from 1 ounce per day (28 g). In addition, it was the case that the maximum effect was obtained when 20% of the calorie intake per day was ingested with nuts is. For example, if the energy required for a day is 2,000 kcal, 400 kcal of them should be taken with nuts, which is about 120 g for pistachios.

New Mexico StateAlamogordoA giant pistachio sculpture in. Even if it is not such a huge pistachio, it seems that it will be effective from the amount of snacks.

American Dietetic AssociationMartin Yadrick, former chairman of the American Dietitian Association, said, "Pistachios with one or two shells in one hand may be a great benefit to the health of the heart." "Pistachio improves blood vessel function, improves glycemic control, works as a powerful antioxidant and is effective for weight loss, all of which is important for the health of the heart."

More than 30 kinds of vitamins · minerals ·PhytochemicalPistachios containing nutrients rich in nuts are among the most nutspotassiumWhenPhytosterolIt is rich in antioxidant power as well. In addition, carotenoids contained in human retinaLuteinWhenZeaxanthinIt contains only nuts and it seems that it can be expected to have an effect on eye health.

People who drink alcohol and who care about cholesterol and neutral fat may find it better to pinch the pistachios.

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