"Roadli" that you can search for the fastest route by looking for places you want to pass through keywords

I think that there are many people searching for routes using Google Maps when going out or on business trips, but in the middle of the routegas stationI would like to leave, but where is it? "Or" The nearest nearest from the nearest station to homeconvenience storeWhere is he? "Roudli" is a web service that enables route search with rough keywords such as "Roudli".


You can also set the waypoint via Google Maps, but you need to specifically specify the location and name. On the other hand, Roadli is able to find candidate sites from the keywords "bookstore" and "gas station". According to the explanation of the website, "I will search for the shortest route by simply entering the keywords of the place of departure and destination and the place I want to be on the way."

In response to the question "Can not you do with Google Maps?" Surprisingly, I can not, I can not search very well with other services, "said a confident explanation.

Lets take a look at "Prepared by sample" from "Palo Alto via San Jose to San Francisco". A blue square icon is displayed on the map on the screen, and a list of shops is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

If you click on the store list or the square on the screen, details will be displayed on the map. In addition to the list, the required time including the waypoint is displayed in the bar graph, and the extra time taken by passing through is also displayed.

I enlarged the map. You can see that the route corresponding to the via point is searched. And when you click "Open this route in Google Maps" ......

A separate window opens and the previous route was displayed on Google Maps. Since it becomes normal Google map, it becomes possible to export the route information from this screen to the mobile terminal etc.

Let's actually designate each point and use it. The departure place is Fukushima station in Osaka Prefecture and the destination is Expo park in Osaka prefecture Suita City, we will refuel at the gas station on the way.

This screen is displayed. The gas station in the surroundings was displayed including those that were a little far away.

I chose the stand. Route points are reflected in the route.

Finally, I tried clicking the link to show it on Google Maps, but an error occurred. Apparently it seemed that Japanese was not supported yet.

It is a pity that I can not export to Google Maps, but it may be useful because I can flexibly set the route.

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