I tried playing a free game on my own game public platform `` Digital MZX '' that has been going on for more than 25 years

' DigitalMAZX ' is a public platform for games created with the game production tool '

MegaZeux ' and was established in 1994. Since the launch of Amazon.com in 1995 and the development of Google's search engine in 1996, DigitalMAZX is a well-established site that has existed on the Internet even older than that. I heard that games released so far on DigitalMZX can be played freely for free, and I actually tried playing.

Home | DigitalMZX

The top page of DigitalMZX is as follows.

In the middle of the top page, there is a 'Top Download Game' and a download ranking. This time, we will play the game with the highest number of downloads.

Click on the game title to go to the details page such as the author of the game and the release date. At the bottom of the game screenshot there is a link called 'Play online', click on it.

Then the game is actually started on the browser. At startup, the start screen 'Click to Play' is sandwiched as shown below. Click on the window to finish loading and the game will start.

That's why I actually played the games from Digital MZX's download number ranking 1st to 6th.

◆ Ruin Diver III
Ruin Diver III, released in 2011, is a side-scrolling action game with artwork reminiscent of spelunkers, and it is quite challenging and demands play techniques.

Ruin Diver III | DigitalMZX

The title screen looks like this. Press 'P' on the keyboard.

You will move to the main menu. On the menu screen, the arrow keys on the keyboard can move the cursor, determine Z, and cancel X. You can select a character by selecting 'PLAY THE GAME', but this time start the game with the initial character 'BLUE DIVER'.

As the scenario is displayed, press Z on the keyboard to read it and it will be the game screen. Ruin Diver III is a horizontal scrolling action drawn with

pixel art . The upper left is its own aircraft. The operation is Z jump and X is attack.

On the way to the barb floor ...

Monsters such as slimes

The state of actually playing is as follows. Your ship has a hit point (HP) of 1, so you will die if you come into contact with slime or thorns or receive a slime attack. Your own BLUE DIVER can only jump and melee attacks. When actually playing it was quite difficult, and in the following play movie, it was literally instantly killed.

I tried playing `` Ruin Diver III '' with the number one download on the free game public platform `` Digital MZX ''-YouTube

In addition to the HP, the difficulty is considerably higher due to the high speed of the enemy bullets and the slime on the narrow scaffold. In some cases, he died immediately after starting play.

After death, press C to go to the result screen. The score, the number of treasures collected, and the number of monsters defeated are displayed. Press V on the result screen to restart with the same character. Dungeon shapes and enemy placement are random, so you can search for dungeons with shapes you have never seen before.

◆ &
Next, let's play the

3D dungeon RPG& ” released in 2011. A 3D dungeon RPG like Wizardry , and a solid story is one of the highlights.


When the game starts, the opening movie will play, so press P to go to the title screen.

The title screen of '&' looks like this. Press Z to start the game.

First, enter the hero's name and decide with the Enter key.

The hero tries to talk to a woman she sees on the day her mother died, but she disappeared in the light.

At the same time as the woman disappeared in the light, the hero was drawn into a strange place. '&' Is a 3D dungeon RPG with a retro atmosphere, but the text is displayed on the right side of the screen, and the story is told firmly.

The game itself progresses by repeating battles while exploring fields and dungeons from a subjective point of view. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move, Z to decide, X to cancel. The column on the right side of the screen doubles as the action history and the conversation window.

The battle screen looks like this. `` DAGGER (attack) '' that damages the opponent, `` BUCKLER (defense) '' to prevent enemy attacks and increase defense, `` DODGE (evasion) '' to avoid enemy attacks, `` ITEM (tool) using items possessed ”, Four times to choose the option of“ RUN ”to escape from battle. It is possible to select the same action multiple times, but each action has a fixed number of 'how many more you can use'.

After the selection, take one turn and a total of four actions, in that order from yourself to the enemy. If you and the enemy have selected 'Attack', you will take damage to each other, and if you are 'Avoid' and the enemy has selected 'Attack', you will avoid the enemy's attack.

In the field, you can sleep and recover your strength. It was a good old RPG game, where you could get rid of goblins and wolves attacking and explore the stone buildings hidden in the forest.

◆ Zeux 2: Caverns of Zeux
Zeux series is a popular series that is ranked 5 in the top 15 downloads of DigitalMZX. One of the top downloads in the Zeux series is Zeux 2: Caverns of Zeux , a top-down action. Zeux 2 is also one of the games released in 1994, the same as the launch of DigitalMZX.

Zeux 2: Caverns of Zeux


The game starts when you press P on the keyboard on the title screen.

First of all, there was a description of the story. Vince who came to the labyrinth of Zeux gets the target 'legendary silver wand', but the silver wand emits light as soon as he holds it. When the light subsided, Vince was in a strange cave ... the situation at the start of the game. Start the game with Enter key.

This is the game screen. Vince is like a blue slime. Move with the arrow keys on the keyboard.

If you press the space bar and then the arrow key, you can perform a magic attack with a silver wand.

In the dungeon, not only enemies but also doors that require keys ...

Some towns were created by people lost in dungeons.

According to

reviews on the official page , many people appreciated Zeux 2's story and simple, responsive gameplay.

◆ Bernard the Bard
' Bernard the Bard ' is an exploration adventure where you can roam the streets to talk to residents and collect event items to solve problems. It was an attractive game with texts such as conversations between comical characters.

Bernard the Bard

When you start the game, the message 'This world may be password protected. Decrypt it?' Is displayed. Press the Enter key.

Then the opening started. The title screen looks like this, press P on the keyboard to start the game.

Start where the protagonist is sleeping from his bed on Monday morning. First, press the space key to get up.

Get books that fall inside the house and get tips on progress. The tip says, 'You may want to turn off the alarm before the wake-up alarm sounds. In that case, check out your costume room.' When you check the alarm, it says, 'The sound doesn't stop! It must be broken!'

The protagonist is one polka dot pants, so he looks into the costume room and wears clothes. Go out of your room.

In addition to the house, there were bars, fast food with drive-throughs, forests and flea markets.

In the beginning, the game progresses by picking up various items on the map and talking to the residents.

You can also have an audience with the king at the castle.

Bernard the Bard is an adventure game featuring fast-paced texts such as character interaction and text on the ground. In the beginning, it was not an atmosphere of “solving the mystery”, but a relaxing game like becoming a hero and walking around the city.

◆ Zeux 1: Labyrinth of Zeux
Zeux 1: Labyrinth of Zeux, a sister work of Zeux 2: Caverns of Zeux, which is the third most downloaded, ranked fifth. The numbering is '1', but Zeux 2 was released in 1994, whereas Zeux 1 was released in 2011. Also, the creators are different.

Labyrinth of Zeux :: MegaZeux 2.92b (20191002)


The title screen of Zeux 1 displayed when you skip the opening movie with P looks something like this. Play the game with Enter key.

The game screen looks like this. Zeux 1 was a top-down 2D action, while Zeux 2 is a scrolling action.

You can move left and right with the arrow keys on the keyboard, and jump with the space key. Use the key located on the map to open the door of the same color.

Bombs, items that can be obtained in the field, can be placed with the Delete key. After a few seconds, it explodes, destroying objects and the like.

When you actually play, the difficulty of the ship and the enemy are fast, thanks to the enemies such as birds aiming with bombs and the gimmicks such as the floor that disappears once you get on once. The stage that has already been played can be selected from 'LEVEL SELECT' on the title screen, so repeated play seemed premised.

◆ red
'Red' is a 2D

role-playing game (RPG) with images like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest of the SNES era.


After opening, press P on the keyboard to start the game. The title screen is below. Press Enter to start the game.

The story starts from the cave without any explanation. The artwork of the dot picture is the final fantasy and Dragon Quest of the Super Nintendo era.

The menu screen that can be opened with the Enter key is like Final Fantasy.

The battle is a turn battle of random encounter system. Characters can be strengthened by level up and equipment.

From the beginning, 5 enemies may appear without mercy. At least at the beginning, 'Escape' seems to be 100% successful, so if there are many opponents, you can escape without hesitation.

The field screen looks like this.

The town is below. Everything is made with classic RPG in mind.

According to

the review on the official page, it is an orthodox classic RPG that respects Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, and the elements of mystery solving and the balance of battle are excellent. It will take more than 30 hours to clear the game.

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