It turns out that SNS posts with political hashtags can not get the interest of people and are susceptible to reliability



Some of the hash tags that are widely used in SNS such as Twitter and Instagram, ' #MeToo ' ' #FreeHongKong such as', it is also widely prevalent those with political implications. While media and political activists on the web attach political hashtags to their SNS posts to raise political topics or sue their claims, `` Posts with political hashtags People are more likely to be perceived as 'insignificant' and more susceptible to credibility. '

Hashtag Burnout? A Control Experiment Investigating How Political Hashtags Shape Reactions to News Content

Political hashtags like #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter make people less likely to believe the news

A team from Eugenia Ha Rim Rho , a graduate student at the University of California , conducted an online experiment with 1979 subjects to investigate the impact of hashtagged posts on people.

The research team combines Facebook posts from major news sources, such as the New York Times and the National Public Radio (NPR), with the political hashtags #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter that are widely used on social media Perform the experiment. After randomly showing subjects 'posts with political hashtags' and 'posts without political hashtags', and asked them to comment on the articles, they answered a few more questionnaires I got it.

The left of the image below is 'post without political hashtag' and the right is 'image with political hashtag'. The biggest difference between the two is the presence or absence of a hashtag, and the news source and news content are almost the same.

The research team analyzed subjects' responses and found that 'political hashtags are not a good way to attract subjects.' If the post included a political hashtag, subjects were more likely to judge the topic indicated by the post as 'less socially important' and less motivated to learn more about related issues.

Also, in some subjects, posts containing political hashtags tended to be considered 'politically biased.' Rho says these negative reactions to political hashtags were seen regardless of their political attitude, whether liberal or conservative.

Of particular interest to Rho is the response from politically

neutral people who are neither conservative nor liberal. People who are politically middle-minded are particularly likely to consider posts with political hashtags as 'politically biased', and were more likely to doubt the credibility of the content. In addition, many comments emphasized the importance of the 'political implications of the hashtag itself' rather than the content of the post itself.


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For example, many middle-ranked people who have been shown posts with political hashtags say, 'The #MeToo topic is becoming something of a fuss about the Kardashian family . I can't see the news that isn't there, it's an important issue, but I'm tired of seeing it over and over again. ' .

In contrast, many middle-ranked people who were shown posts without political hashtags said, 'Providing a platform to voice victims via social media is an unpleasant and unpleasant experience in their own public. Is a great way to share. Some people are afraid to be harassed by being labeled as a liar. ' In this way, it seems that postings without political hashtags tended to draw discussions closer to the core as a result.

Rho also points out that posts with political hashtags were easier to elicit emotional comments from subjects. Even if the subject agreed with the topic posted with the hashtag, it was easy to use extreme language in the comment.

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`` Branding social issues with catchy hashtags has weakened people's interest in hashtagged posts, giving the impression that even major news source content is partisan or false. 'He said,' He points out the dangers of political hashtags. He stated that the use of political hashtags could be harmful if we wanted to maintain a healthy discussion online.

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