What is the content of “Unsplash for Brands” launched by the free image site “Unsplash” as a way to increase revenue without relying on billing or advertising?

Unsplash ” is an online service that allows you to download over 1 million high-quality images for free. A person in Unsplash talks about a new project “ Unsplash for Brands ” to solve the “money problem” and earn money.

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The images published by Unsplash in 2019 are more than the total number of images published by other companies such as Shutterstock , Gettyimage and Adobe Stock . For this reason, a large amount of maintenance costs are required for servers that store such a large amount of images and for traffic when users download images.

According to the information published on the official blog by Unsplash, the maintenance fee for February 2019 is $ 29,673 (about 3.2 million yen) for the server fee, $ 7679 (about 830,000 yen) for the monitoring cost, information processing cost Was $ 15,223 (about 1.7 million yen) and the hosting fee was $ 42,408 (about 4.6 million yen), for a total of $ 98,653 (about 11 million yen). Below is a graph showing the monthly changes in Unsplash's maintenance costs. You can see at a glance that maintenance costs have been increasing since the service began.

Although it is necessary to deal with maintenance costs that continue to increase, Unsplash has launched a monetization project `` Unsplash for Brands '' that does not rely on billing or advertising because `` charging for photos pulls creativity '' did.

“Unsplash for Brand” is a campaign to share images that promote the brand image of partner companies on Unsplash. For example, Google Chromebooks will release 'images using Chromebooks' that are attractive to target students.

Images published by Google Chromebooks will be displayed when you search for words that are highly relevant to students, such as “Studying”.

As a result, media such as articles and presentations published by media companies will use images on Chromebooks. This allows companies to increase exposure of products and company logos.

In this way, “Unsplash for Brand” promotes the brand image of partner companies.

The images used for 'Unsplash for Brand' can be created by the affiliated companies on their own, but it can also be created by photographers hired by Unsplash. For example, the photo published by Boxed Water is Better , which promotes a recyclable paper pack that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions than PET bottles, is common in that the `` logo paper pack '' is reflected, but it is just an advertisement It has become a variety of photos that you can't imagine. In addition, in response to the request of Boxed Water is Better, these images are those that do not reflect the plastic bottle.

Boxed Water Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

According to a survey by

Kantar Millward Brown, a digital marketing company, Unsplash says that the effect of “Unsplash for Brands” may reach about five times the benchmark of TV and digital advertising. Unsplash has already partnered with companies such as Google, Harley-Davidson, Square, Timberland, Boxed Water, Brandless, Le Creuset, The Honest Company, and so on.

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