Pornhub deletes more than 10 million movies, unapproved users are prohibited from uploading to eliminate illegal content

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Pornhub, the world's largest adult site that announced the suspension of uploading of unapproved users in response to payment suspension measures from two major credit card companies, announced that it has newly 'deleted the content uploaded by unapproved users' .. Pornhub hasn't revealed how many movies it has deleted, but research has shown that more than 10 million movies have been deleted.

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Pornhub Just Purged All Unverified Content From the Platform

On December 9, 2020, after international credit card brands Visa and Mastercard announced that they would 'scrutinize the coverage that'Pornhub is profiting from child pornography and revenge pornography',' Pornhub announced. We have taken measures to ban the uploading of movies by unapproved users and the ban on downloading uploaded movies. The measure was aimed at eliminating illegal content such as child pornography and revenge pornography, and Pornhub said it would 'take another big step to protect the community.'

The world's largest porn site 'Pornhub' bans uploading of unauthorized users & announces that the download function will also stop --GIGAZINE

Despite this measure, Visa and Mastercard stopped processing payments for Pornhub on December 10, the following day. In a statement, Mastercard said, 'A survey of Pornhub over the last few days has found a breach of our standards prohibiting illegal content, which completely uses the card on the site. We have decided to end it, 'he said, pointing out the flaws in Pornhub's commitment to illegal content.

Mastercard and Visa stop making payments to the world's largest adult movie 'Pornhub', suspected of child sexual abuse content --GIGAZINE

In this context, Pornhub announced on December 15th that it has 'deleted all content uploaded by unauthorized users.' Pornhub has not released the number of deleted movies, but according to the IT news media Motherboard, the number of movies uploaded to Pornhub was 13.5 million as of December 13, 2020, but December 15 At that time, it was 2.9 million, a decrease of more than 10 million.

Pornhub said of the measure, 'The situation that'all content is uploaded by authorized users' is not implemented on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.' We emphasized that our efforts are ahead of major SNS, and clarified our stance of taking all necessary measures against illegal content.

Pornhub said that the attacks on the service were led by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation and Exodus Cry , which advocate the abolition of pornography, and the two groups have been involved in sex education, LGBTQ rights, and women's rights for over 50 years. Right, pointed out that he has expelled the American Library Association. 'A series of campaigns is the result of these groups searching for targets.' 'All social media platforms share a responsibility to fight illegal content, and real truth and real professionals are essential to resolve it. '.

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