How much is the operation cost of "Unsplash" which can download free high-quality pictures?

There are several photo sites that can download free high-quality pictures, but people in operating the free photo material site "Unsplash" reveal how much it costs them to operate.

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"Unsplash" was founded in 2012, is a digital product handling CanadianCrewService operated by a company called. You can download high-quality photos free of charge, and the downloaded photos are popular because they can be used for commercial purposes.

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◆ Server Cost
Firstly from the cost of the server to keep the photos on the web. Unsplash is a hosting service that enables server expansion and rapid developmentHerokuIt is a web service running above. Heroku imposes an option fee for the hosted service and Unsplash has 10 photos uploaded per day and the number of users who visit the site is small but the traffic volume is large But,DevOpsIf you reduce the cost of the option fee is suppressed.

The amount that Unsplash paid as a fee for Heroku and Heroku add-ons in February 2016 is "$ 2731.23 (about 290,000 yen)". In February it seems that Unsplash's page is 30 million pages, 140 million API requests and 2.2 million background jobs were executed.

In the case of Unsplash, most of the cost paid to Heroku was related to the cost required to build and the API used in the main application part. About 1,200 dollars (about 130 thousand yen), which is about half of about 2,700 dollars, is paid to use the main application for managing Unsplash's service. The remaining 1,500 dollars (about 160,000 yen) is used for the operation of databases and the like,PostgreSQLYaRedis,MemcachedIt is said that it is the cost of.

◆ Cost required to support the service
Among the services supported by Unsplash, it is particularly costly that "Logging"And" data ". These two points seem to be elements that Crew could not think of needing until Unsplash 's service started.

The amount paid by February 2016 to the main data service "Keen" Unsplash saves photo data and query event data is "$ 1000 (approx. 100,000 yen)".

The service Unsplash uses for logging is "Logentries", February 2016 is "$ 630 (about 66,000 yen)It is said that he paid.

◆ Hosting fee for photos
The greatest expense is required is the use fee of the photo hosting service to store incredibly large quantities of photos and to supply photos when needed. More than 1 billion photos are viewed every month on Unsplash, and 5.5 million photos are downloaded. Most of these pictures are "Imgix"And the usage fee for February 2016 is"$ 11,170 (about 1.2 million yen)"was.

In addition, "Cloudfront"CDNIt cost us 413.81 dollars (about 43,000 yen).

◆ Total
Taken together, Unsplash's operating cost per month is "It was 17,558.62 dollars (about 1.8 million yen)".

Unsplash also supports high-quality pictures and 360 degree photos, and uses 120 APIs. Considering these, Unsplash developers comment that "it is very reasonable" that the operation cost is only 1.8 million yen.

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