I tried playing the game 'Beasters x One Night Human Wolf' that uncovers the criminal of the food murder case that occurred in 'BEASTARS' for one night only

Was also animated in October 2019 been serialized in the weekly champion '

BEASTARS ' is, one night who wolf was collaboration and 'Bee Stars × One Night's wolf' will appear in the November 28, 2019 (Thursday) .. A one-night-only human wolf at the GIGAZINE editorial department in order to uncover the criminal 'beast' who was not the criminal of the contraindicated food killing case after the herbivore was eaten by someone at the stage Cherryton Academy I played the game.

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'Beasters x One Night Werewolf' is a collaboration between the manga 'BEASTARS' and the One Night Werewolf. One Night Werewolf has collaborated with '

Yurucamp ' in the past.

One Night Human Wolf is a short-term decisive battle type human wolf game in which the turn of night → noon → execution ends once each, instead of repeating discussion and sacrifice until it is settled like the original “human wolf game”. .. In collaboration with BEASTARS, the game will be played as a human wolf, the food killer that appears in

BEASTARS episode 1 .

The size of the case is about the same as a playing card case, which is one size larger than a transportation IC card.

The number of players is 3 to 8, the target age is 10 years old and over, and the play time is assumed to be 10 minutes. The illustration also looked like a wolf.

The contents are only 11 cards and instructions. In the original, each character has a realistic physique close to that of an actual animal, but the design of the card is deformed and designed like a mascot.

There are 7 types of cards, each of which is divided into 'school', 'criminal', and 'black market' sides. The school side wins if it finds a food killer, the criminal side wins if it is not selected, and the black market side wins if even one vote is received.

There are four 'general student' cards. He has no information about the incident and has no special abilities. Infer the eater while asking other players. It is a 'villager' in the original human wolf.

There are two 'food murderers' cards, and they are not the criminals of the food murder case, which is the subject of the game. The player who draws the eater card must convince others that he or she is not the eater. Although it is in silhouette, there are no spoiler elements at all, so even people who are reading the original can play with confidence.

There is only one 'Detective' card with the main character Legoshi drawn on it, and you can see either one card from another player or two cards that were not chosen by anyone on the 'Night Turn'. .. In a human wolf, it is a 'fortune teller'.

One 'problem child' and one 'actor' card. You can secretly exchange cards between yourself and other players on the 'night turn', but the abilities of the 'problem child' and 'actor' are slightly different.

The problem child can be 'exchanged' with the title of another player, and in the original One Night Werewolf, it is a 'phantom thief'. For example, if the problem child chooses 'food killer', the player who originally had the food killer card will be the problem child, that is, the school side. Former / problem child players will behave as food murderers on the day turn.

On the other hand, the actor 'copies' the titles of other players. For example, if the actor chooses 'Food Killer', the player who originally had the Food Killer card remains the Food Killer, the actor becomes the Food Killer, and one Food Killer is added to the field. It will be.

The 'prey' card is a card of a victim who has been eaten by a food killer. The prey player exchanges a prey card for one of the unselected cards on the night turn. If you try to attract a food killer, you will feel like you will continue to live as the blood of the food killer ... so you cannot help feeling the sadness of the food chain.

'Psychiatrist' is a card that can be won if nominated by one person other than the black market side. 'One person other than the black market side' means that if an actor copies a psychiatrist, the former actor and the psychiatrist must not appoint each other.

The back of the card had a crescent moon mark on it.

So, first I tried playing 4 players with a card set for beginners. In addition, you do not have to play with the combination of this table, you can enjoy it with any set.

First, draw one by one from the face down card. The card consists of 2 general students, 2 food murderers, 1 detective, and 1 problem child. Each player secretly checks the drawn card and puts the card face down.

Blue squid boy is a general student.

Orange squid girl is a food killer.

Green squid is also a food killer.

Mario is a problem child. Two out of four are food murderers and one is a problem child, which is too insecure, but of course the players do not know each other's cards.

Place the undrawn card in the center.

The game starts on the night turn. All players close their eyes and all continue to rattle their desks to drown out the noise of who acted and flipped cards. Players who act on the night turn must complete their actions within 10 seconds.

The night turn acts in the order of detective → food killer → prey → actor / problem child. There is no particular movement this time because there are no detectives, but since everyone has their eyes closed, no one knows at the time of the night turn whether the detective acted or not in the first place.

Next is the turn of the food murderer. The orange squid girl and the green squid, who are the squid, look at each other and confirm that they are the squid.

Next is the prey turn, but since there are no prey cards, let's go through and move on to the problem child / actor turn. Mario who draws a problem child can exchange his card with another player. In addition, the problem child cannot reselect the card once the card of another player is confirmed.

At the end of the night turn, we will have a discussion with a time limit of 10 minutes. Green squid pretends to be a detective and boasted, 'Since the central card was a food killer / general student, there is only one food killer!'

However, the blue squid boy argued, 'Because I am a general student, the green squid is lying!' Mario also said, 'I exchanged my problem child card with a general student, so what the blue squid boy is saying is true,' and the lie of the green squid was immediately revealed.

When the discussion is over, the trial and the execution of the human wolf game will begin. It points to the player who everyone thinks is a food killer. If you decide that the eater is not in the player, point to the center. Sure enough, I got 2 votes for the green squid. The teary green squid is pointing to the center because it can't be helped.

When the green squid checked the card, I thought that the case was settled after the food murderer was found, and the card turned into a problem child. In other words, Mario's 'I exchanged my problem child card for a general student' was a complete lie. Deceived by Mario, the game ended in a killer victory.

Next, I tried playing 4 players according to the advanced rules. Actors, prey, and psychiatrists who were not used earlier are added, and general students and problem children are excluded.

After the night turn, the orange squid girl and the green squid called themselves 'I'm a detective!' The orange squid girl disagrees with 'the central card is two food killer' and the green squid 'the central card is a food killer and a psychiatrist'. The green squid that lied to the orange squid girl who is full of confidence is a little suspicious.

The blue squid boy says, 'I think the orange squid girl is a detective,' and Mario says, 'I'm a prey, and I pulled a psychiatrist from the center, so the green squid is right.'

At the time of the trial, green squid, which has a good reputation as a fake detective, received 1 vote, Mario received 1 vote, and invalid votes received 2 votes.

However, the card drawn by Green Squid is actually a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist dared to lie because if even one vote was received, the black market side would win.

Moreover, when the card was turned over, the green squid was an actor and the blue squid boy was a psychiatrist, and there were two players on the black market side. The blue squid boy said 'Orange squid girl is a detective' in order to keep the detective off guard and make the green squid a food killer.

The killer is Mario, and when he exchanged his prey card for the central card on the night turn, he seems to have drawn the killer.

Also, a special situation has occurred when playing advanced rules in 5-player play.

At the end of the night turn, Pink Squid Girl said, 'The detective is myself, the central card is a psychiatrist / prey', but for some reason other players are slow to discuss. Obviously something is wrong.

After all, when the time runs out, everyone points to the pink squid girl. What happened ...

The other four drew two food murderers and a problem child / actor.

Unfortunately, both the actor and the problem child at night have drawn the card of the food killer, that is, they were acting as food killer except for the pink squid girl. The detective was treated as a food killer, and the food killer side won. If both the problem child and the actor pull the slaughterer, the place will be full of slaughterers, and the slaughterer side will have an advantage.

People who do not know the original because the ideal form and relationship between 'carnivorous beast' and 'herbivore', which are the big themes in the original, are not touched much in the game and avoid spoilers of development. It is a light game that you can play with. According to the rules for advanced players, the addition of actors is expected to increase the number of food murderers to three and the number of psychiatrists to two, which is a tricky development that cannot be seen in a normal one-night wolf. I can do it. Since it will be more difficult for the school side to win, I could feel the atmosphere close to the original setting that 'the power of carnivorous beasts and black markets is powerful'.

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