Party game "People Wolf" and "Ancestor" Combined "Submarine Wolf ~ Find an Invulnerable Submarine!"

The villagers and the wolves who turned into villagers, while exploring the identity of each, the villagers exterminated wolves, the wolves a party game aiming at reducing the number of villagers "Werewolf". That element was arranged as an animation made into a theater in popular manga · TV animation was made as a "person" version "Search for submarines - immutable anonymous! ~"Is a card game.

Official site of "fellow"

The package looks something like this.

"The third person," Nagai Kei "has been confirmed! Through rumors of enormous prize money, people are obliged to search for submissive people who have gone unnoticed, so that they do not become government guinea pigs hide……"

Inside the box there are 20 instructions and cards on which the rules of the game and necessary preparations are written.

There are 4 pieces of "fellows": Kei Nagai, Nakano Nakano, Sato, Koji Tanaka.

"Human beings" are Kaito, Nagai Hisako, Nagai Mother, Ograi Kuya, Nakajima Keisuke, Teacher, Yamanaka, Kita, Horiguchi, 10 guys.

Yuzuki Tosaki & Izumi Shimomura, Sogabe, two pieces of "Substitute Management Committee (human)".

"Mass media (human)" is an announcer, two reporters.

And two "unconscious fellows (human → sub)" are.

The number of players in the game is from 5 to 21 people, one of whom is in charge of GM. Although the breakdown of players is not decided, it is not necessarily a game unless one of them has to enter one player. For example, it seems like this is five people.

Recommended combination described in the instruction book is "Family 1, Public person 2, Mass Media 1, GM 1" when five people, "Anonymous 2, General 2, Subsite Management Committee 1, Mass Communication 1, GM 1" when 7, 12 "People 3 · General 5 · Sub-Committee 1 · Mass Communication 1 · Unconscious Sub-1 · GM 1" when the person. Increasing the number of sub-people increases the difficulty of the human side, increasing the sub-committee and mass communication instead will lower the difficulty of the human side.

As a preparatory preparation before the game begins, GM decides a combination of cards and hands out one to each player. Players will check what role they are in so that they can not see each other's contents. In the picture, we are making field-like objects, but this is for convenience sake, in fact the cards are ok if the players have their hands on hand.

When the position is decided, GM decides the signature of how to tell with players when it is an ancestor / man in "judgment of identity by a mass media / unconscious subset of change of persons" as a fixed matter of looking for an ape. Because this transmission can not be bald out to other players, it is good to decide with hand sign. In the explanation, "I'm making a sign" You are not an idiot "when you put your thumbs down," Subtitles "when you lower it down.

And the game started. Start from "the night before yesterday", all the people sleeping (lowering their heads and closing their eyes), and GM will say "Please take care of yourself, please wake up" to confirm the position. If there are two or more sub-people, we will check who is a member here. Likewise, the media, the sub-committee, and unfamiliar sub-people can see who they are when there are multiple. Because there is no confirmation of this position to the general public, you can not know who is a human or an ancestor other than yourself.

After that, as a "search for an idea" in the day, we will discuss for a specified time and search for submissive people. A guideline is 3 to 4 minutes for 5 people, and 5 groups for 6 or more people. When time comes, we point at the captive to the signal of GM and the most voter is "captured". When the number of votes is lined up, a final ballot is made and people captured are taken over by the government. It is unclear afterwards ....

And "night activities". The sub-committee appoints one person to protect except by himself. The media nominates who will unravel its identity. Sub-appoint a person to eliminate. An unconscious sub-person can tell you whether you realized that you are a sub-person from GM. At this time, there are circumstances for processing "unaware sub-people", so sub-people need to act first.

As a result of activities in the morning GM announces the person's name if a person who was excluded comes out. If not, nobody was excluded, so again "looking for people" ... is the cycle.

On the human side, if you capture all the submissive people you victory. The side of the sub is a victory if the number of sub-people and the number of remaining humans are equal.

Speaking briefly, it replaces human wolves with sub-people, villagers as civilians, fortunetellers as the media, and hunters as sub-committees. However, the characteristic is "unaware sub-people." I do not have consciousness as an ancestor and believe that I am a human being, I live, but when it is excluded by an animal by the action of the night, I will act as an ancestor from the next morning waking up from that death. In a human wolf, there is a role of "madman" who is a friend of a wolf while being inside a villager, but since it also moves differently, the chosen player may be said to be a place to show her arms.

For example, because you are dealing a card of "Nagai Kei", you can "eliminate" ordinary people's sea guards and Nagai Teriko because they are only "sub-people" in the game. Since "Sato" was dealt out, I tried playing to kill without hiding that identity, or in "Ograijaka", I tried a talk that seemed more familiar to an ancient person though it was an ordinary person, role play 1 It may be one way of enjoying it.

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