Only 10 minutes after making that "human wolf game" into a card game & reviewing the "One Night Wolf" who can play crisply with a small number of people

The player divides into the villagers' side and the wolf wolf side, and the discussion and deception will be carried out "Human wolf game"Is a party game with a high name recognition in Japan, but when you actually try to play it is almost always asked for the number of adults and a long time. We arranged this "human wolf game" to be able to play with a small number of people in a short time is "One Night People Wolf"is.

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The overall package design is a nintendo-like dot picture, and there is also a cute little wolf who barks at moonlit night.

Although the original "human wolf game" is a rule of repeatedly discussing and victims repeatedly until the settlement arrives, "One Night Wolf" ends in one turn of night → day → execution. That's why it costs about 10 minutes per playing time. If one woman can execute a human wolf, the victory of the human side, conversely if you execute the villagers side, it will be the victory of the wolf wolf side.

The contents are only cards and instructions. It is compact enough to be able to play even in narrow cars and tents, with size and weight that you can carry in your pocket.

The card fits snugly into the palm of your hand. The crescent moon of dot picture is drawn on the back.

Compared to general game cards, it's strong and thick, more tiles than cards. The thickness is slightly less than 2 mm, slightly over a hundred yen coin.

Choose the card structure according to the number of people. For example, in the play by three people who are the smallest number, villagers and fortune-tellers and one thief are composed one by one and two wolves.

The player draws one at a time, and the remaining two face down in the center of the field. It is more difficult to guess who is in which position by this face card.

Everyone closed their eyes at the night's turn to face down,fortune teller,Werewolf,A thiefActivate in order. Even if I closed my eyes, I was written in the instruction manual to sound a sound deliberately by knocking my desk or knee, because I know who is in what position by sound or sign. In actual play, however, the information that "card shifted!" And "information of the neighbor moved!" Became sufficient material for discussion and it got excited, so there is no need to become particularly nervous.

The fortune-teller can see secretly either one of the cards, or the card being deceived without being dealt. For example, in this case the fortuneteller Ika Boy checked the cards that fell in play. Because there are one villagers and one wolf, one wolf is mingled in the three.

Ika Girl of a human wolf took a casual eye, but there was no other wolf. Apparently one of the two cards looks like a face-down card. A lonely person who does not have an ally person How can a wolf fight?

There is a thief as a feature of "One Night Wolf". Kaito is a tricky position that you can exchange your hand with other players. Here I will try exchanging a savage green squid with a hand of Ika Girl ... ....

Green squid has been replaced with a wolf. Because green squid becomes a person wolf side, we must act as a human wolf in the future. Of course, Ika Girl of a former wolf is turned to a human side by being replaced with a thief, but since it is only before night, you can see your hand without knowing anything.

We started discussing when it was the morning turn. The suspicious Ikagar was suspiciously suspected of being a human wolf and executed, he was executed. But Ika Girl is a human side in the work of a sarcophagus squid, so the wolf's victory. To the development that the green squid of the first play gulls off victory seriously.

One time finished in about 15 minutes, but one more time after this. It was a fortuneteller 's green squid who occupied Ika Girl as a human wolf, but was betrayed by a wolf' s Ika Boy who was pretending to be a human being for the whole time, this time the victory of a human wolf is confirmed. It was a little unfavorable for the green squid.

Experienced by moderator in triple play, there are tools that automatically perform moderation progress of "One Night Wolf" like the site below.

One Night Man Wolf Support Tool

Check the position you use, just select the time limit count for each action in the night and press the button of "Become Night". Audio will flow and the moderator will proceed.

An editing member who does not know the original "human wolf game" also participates and seven players of the maximum number play. There are only a few cards faced down in the center of the battlefield, but the situation is slightly different from the past, but compared with three players, since the number of villagers increases from one to four people, even if the total number of players increases There is no big change in the amount of information obtained, the discussion is a bit stagnant.

But suddenly, "One's editorial staff pointed out that" Your card's location is different from what it was! It is probably a work of a kaizen! ", The place is noisy. Not only fortune-telling results and human lol's lies, the position of the first card is also sufficient for discussion.

The editorial staff who pointed out was originally a wolf wolf, so the thief should be a wolf! Also insist. Starting with this, the discussion proceeded at a stretch, and a human wolf was executed without exception, resulting in a victory of the human side. The bad thing about a thief is also pointed out.

"One Night Man Wolf" is a simple rule, but the point that debate and reasoning is the core is the same as the original "human wolf game". Even in the sense that you do not miss a small part, memorize the position and contents of the card placed first correctly, and become sensitive to the sounds and signs of the evening number, the materials of the discussion gather and rise. Again, this is a unique feature of analog games. Also, as a major feature of "One Night Wolf" there is the existence of a hidden card and the original position of "Kaito", which at first glance even simple rules increase the unpredictable parts from each player, depth is born to reasoning I will.

Just how to act and speak according to the position is as important as "human wolf game", but there was also a scene where beginners' editorial staff who does not have such basic strategy ended unable to participate in the discussion at all It was. There are things that you can see each turn when you are a true "human wolf game", but it is hard to grab a knack in "One Night Wolf" where the game is decided in one turn. Therefore, in a situation where beginners and experienced people are intermingled, it is better for experienced people to develop discussions while extracting opinions of other players, "I think it is ~~ but what do you think?" Beginner players are also ants to observe other people 's play from the back and observe how they are turning at first. However, the advantage / disadvantage tends to be extremely favorable / disadvantageous in either 3 to 4 people, and the luck factor is also stronger than the "human wolf game", so even beginners can fully eat counters for experienced people .

The list price of "One Night Wolf" is also available at 1500 yen, below

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