I enjoy playing the world view of 'Lo Kan △' while enjoying a casual wolf game 'One Night Wolf x Lucky △ ~ Who is the culprit who spilled the curry in the middle of the night!?'

" Easy can △ " serial animated in the comic time Kirara Forward and broadcasted in Tokyo from January 2018 is a big hit work depicting everyday life of high school girls enjoying camping loosely. Such "Lo Kan △" collaborated with the popular card game " One Night Wolf " that can be played with in 3 minutes " One Night Wolf x Love Can △ ~ Who is the culprit who spilled the curry in the middle of the night? " It will appear on November 26, 2018. In addition to being designed according to the world view of "Lo Kan △", I also tried to play ahead ahead as saying that the original job title has also been added.

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"One Night Wolf Woman x Lucky Can △ ~ Who is the culprit who spilled the curry in the middle of the night!?" Package is like this. The character of "loose character △" is drawn with a NES like-like dot picture like the original one "Knight wolf".

The number of players is 3 to 7 people, and the play time is supposed to be 10 minutes. The target age is 10 years old or more.

On the back of the package is "a member of a loose cany who came to a camp in a stay, a curry for breakfast made on the night of the morning woke up in the morning was overflowing with a pot," a miserable situation was noted It is. "One Night Wolf Wearing Loose Can △ ~ Who is the culprit who spilled the curry in the middle of the night !?" is a card game that guesses the criminal who ruined curry by fine time in limited time.

The contents are instructions and 8 cards.

Kakamigahara Nadeshiko, and Chihuahua Chikuwa are "criminals". Did you stumble over the pot when you pulled out of the tent in the middle of the night, did you spontaneously spin the pot and unintentionally turned the pot upside down? Nadeshiko and Chikuwa are angry if they know they are culprits, so we have to behave absolutely not to leave.

Saiko Ena, the owner of Chikuwa, is an "owner". Ena who is felt that her dog, Chikuwa is the culprit, must lie to avoid being caught if Chiku is a culprit. In the conventional "One Night Wolf" he is a manager who is a "madman" and is a criminal who scoffs the battlefield while not being a criminal.

In outdoor club "outdoor activity club" of Honjo High School, abbreviated "Aikuru" Inuyama Aoi and Ogaki Chiaki are "explosion sleeper members", "villagers" in the traditional one-night wolf. Because there is no special ability in the field members who had decided to sleep at the time of the occurrence of the incident where the curry was spilled, it is a role to infer loosely who the culprit is while listening to the testimonies.

Shima Rin is an "eyewitness" who has witnessed a shocking moment spilling a pot of curry. You can see secret cards other than yourself in the same position as "Fortune Teller" in the traditional "One Night Wolf".

Kakamigahara cherry blossoms who act as "forever" with Nadeshiko's sister seemed to be aware that his sister is a criminal. It is a title that literally wins by winning a crime by becoming "a substitute" of the criminal.

Toba Miyonomi, a local liquor store that has the synonym of "Gubi sister", is the title "drunk" as it is. "Drunkard" is the title of this game original, "I copy someone's card."

I decided to play with four editorial staff at once. The way to play the game is the same as "One Night Wolf", when Nokuru SIDE nominates the criminal, the criminal SIDE will win if it escapes without being nominated. In case of 4 people, prepare 6 cards in total, 2 cards of criminal card, 1 substitution card, 1 drunkard card, 1 witness card and 1 sky-sleeping card.

Pull cards one by one from 6 cards.

Mario was a "culprit" cube.

Ika Girl is "a sleepless sleeper member"

Squid is "drunk"

Ikaboy was a "witness".

First of all, everyone closes their eyes and welcomes the night with tapping the desk with his fingers.

"Witness" can see one card of someone or two in the center. This time, Shima Rin checks the contents of the two central pieces.

Then "criminal" awaits and grasps who is the culprit. Finally, Professor Toba "drunk" exchanges your card with someone's card. "Drunkard" will change to the title of the card that was exchanged, but the position of the person who replaced the card remains as it is. This time I copied Shima Lynn of Ikaboy, so "drunk" changed to "witness". However, since the witness's turn has already ended, it will be treated as a rescued sleeping person.

At last the night began, all of them wake up. A loose conference started with the voice saying "The pot of curry is spilling!"

Ika Boy says "There are one person who spilled curry in this place because the two in the middle were" culprit "and" substitution "! Even witnesses the eyewitness testimony, Mario also said" Witness himself Eye witness testimony that the squid was the culprit "pops out, which is Shima Lin? Rushed to the agenda.

On the other hand, Ika Girl of a sleepwalking member can not help dependating only on the testimony that jumps out to the place. And squid which was "drunk" has already copied Shima Rin from Ika Boy, and I realize that Mario is lying.

The discussion set for 5 minutes expired in no time. I will nominate a person who thinks that each person is suspicious by saying "I'm with you". This time we got 2 votes for Mario, 1 vote for Ikaboy, 1 vote for Squid, to conclude that Mario is the culprit.

As a result of answers, it became clear that Mario was a coward of "culprit", and the game is over with a warm air called "If it is what the dog did ...".

One play is roughly 5 to 10 minutes and the rules are simple so even beginners can play with cherries. Because the package is compact in palm size, easy to carry. It does not need a large table or place, it can enjoy playing in a narrow tent, so it is exactly like a card game for a camp.

Also, because the original title "drunk" has been added to "One Night Wolf Woman x Lucky Can △ ~ Who is the culprit who spilled the curry at midnight!? ~", The traditional "One Night Wolf" Even those who have played have enabled new ways of enjoying it, it was a game that we could recommend not only for "Lo Kan △" fans but also for analog game fans.

"Who is the culprit who spilled the curry in the middle of the night?!" Is "One Night Wolf Warrior ~ Lucky Can △ ~" will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from November 24th to 25th at " Game Market 2018 Fall " including tax ¥ 2000 Prior to being sold. Also, from November 26, it will be sold at 21.60 yen including tax at Amazon.co.jp etc.

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