The Simpsons gag is killed by an aspect ratio of 16: 9

On the first day of the service, “ Disney + ”, which has been confirmed to have

acquired over 10 million paid members, has many titles such as Marvel and Star Wars series as well as Disney works. Some of the longest-lived “ The Simpsons ” are included as an American anime program, but it has been pointed out that “The Simpsons has been killed by being distributed on Disney +” The

The Simpsons' aspect ratio is messed up on Disney +-The Verge

Disney + will fix The Simpsons' joke-destroying 16: 9 aspect ratio starting in 2020-The Verge

Disney + offers the last 30 seasons of The Simpsons. The Simpsons is the longest-running American anime program that started in 1989, so the old episode has a 4: 3 aspect ratio instead of “16: 9” unlike the latest TV program.

THE SIMPSONS Disney + Official Trailer (2019)-YouTube

For Disney +, a streaming service launched by Disney, the past 30 seasons of The Simpsons are delivered in an aspect ratio of 16: 9, and episodes created in the past 4: 3 have been cropped. . Of course, Disney + does not have an option to change the aspect ratio of the video being played. Therefore, the episodes for the last 20 seasons of The Simpsons seem to have lost a lot of gag due to aspect ratio changes.

Specifically, what Tristan Cooper explains on Twitter is as follows:

“In the old episode of The Simpsons distributed on Disney +, the following“ Duff, ”“ Duff Light, ”and“ Duff Dry ”are all fed from the same tube, trimmed to a 16: 9 widescreen format. To be missed. ''

This is the original 4: 3 aspect ratio video. You can see that Duff, Duff Light, and Duff Dry are supplied from the same tube.

However, in the video with an aspect ratio of 16: 9 distributed on Disney +, the end of the tube is not visible due to trimming, so it is clear that there is no joke.

The Simpsons has encountered the same situation in the past. When we wanted to deliver the first episode of The Simpsons on FOX 's FX Networks in 2015, it was pointed out that the gag was killed because the aspect ratio was changed to 16: 9, and FX Networks finally changed the aspect ratio. Added an option to play 4: 3.

The Simpsons fans and critics thought FX Networks had an option to change the aspect ratio from the start because there was a case with FX Networks. However, this was not the case, resulting in many complaints about Disney.

Some Twitter users complain that there is no aspect ratio change option, saying 'Disney + has degenerated from the FX Networks app.'

Disney has made an official statement against these criticisms: “To ensure visual quality and consistency in all episodes of the last 30 seasons, the aspect ratio was fixed at 16: 9 at the start of the service. However, over time, Disney + will roll out new features and additional display options, and as part of that, Disney + will be the first of The Simpsons in early 2020. “We will be able to watch 19 episodes and some episodes of season 20 in the same 4: 3 aspect ratio as the original version,” he says.

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