Netflix finally turns video autoplay on and off

by Charles

In Netflix, when you play a series of works consisting of multiple episodes or search for a title from the top screen, the autoplay function will play the subsequent story or trailer. This autoplay can now be manually turned on / off by the user.

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Netflix says on its official Twitter account, 'Some people appreciate this feature, others don't. The feedback is solid. We've given users control over Netflix's autoplay feature.' And the ability to turn the autoplay feature on and off.

Netflix has two types of autoplay features. One is `` auto play function when watching TV series consisting of multiple episodes '', the other is `` When searching on Netflix, trailers automatically play and you can preview movies and dramas Function '. These two autoplay functions can be turned on / off from the 'Profile Management' screen.

How can I turn autoplay on / off?

Users and creators have long complained about Netflix's autoplay feature. For example, Ryan Johnson, who directed and screened for ' Star Wars: The Last Jedi, ' tweeted on Twitter that 'My favorite is console games, because I can check Netflix without autoplay.' doing.

Johnson isn't the only one who has turned to Netflix's autoplay feature. Overseas game media Polygon has posted an article saying, 'Please stop autoplay, Netflix, please.'

Netflix, please stop with the autoplay-Polygon

There is also a Twitter account called ' Stop Autopreview (@stopautopreview) ', which was born out of the hate for Netflix's autoplay feature. This account is used to retweet tweets of users who are dissatisfied with Netflix's AutoPlay feature.

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