Director Ryan Johnson of "Star Wars / The Last Jedi" Produces Star Wars Complete New Works Trilogy

Published "December 15, 2017 (Friday)"Star Wars / The Last JediRyan Johnson, who is in charge of supervision at Star Wars'Completely new trilogy"It was decided to handle.

Rian Johnson to Create All-New Star Wars Trilogy |

According to Star Wars Official Website, director Ryan Johnson's "Complete New Works Trilogy" is due to a new character different from the "Story of the Skywalker family" that has been made so far. In the first part of the trilogy worked with Ryan Johnson at "The Last Jedi"Lam BergmanIt is said that Mr. will participate.

Lucasfilm producer Kathleen Kennedy highly appreciates Johnson 's "last Jedi" skill and will be doing a brilliant job with a blank canvas "for this new trilogy We are expecting.

About the announcement form and the timing of this complete new work trilogy, I have not mentioned anything on Star Wars official website, but Star Wars TV series will be delivered at Disney at the streaming service planned to be launched in 2019 It is announced that it is concerned about the relation.

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