Disney acquires Lucasfilm, Star Wars episode 7 will be released in 2015

By Disney

Disney announced that it will acquire the movie production company Lucasfilm which made the series "Star Wars" series and "Indiana Jones" series. According to the release, it is planned to release Episode 7 which is a new work of "Star Wars" in 2015.


George Lucas owns 100% of the shares of Lucasfilm, but Walt Disney Company will purchase it for a total of $ 4.05 billion (about 322.3 billion yen). Disney's CEO Robert A. Eiger said, "Lucasfilm is a company that reflects the exceptional passion, vision, stories of Mr. George Lucas, the founder of the company," he appreciated Lucasfilm. Together with Star Wars, a popular work on a global scale, combined with Disney, which is also deployed on a global scale, sustained growth of the company and considerable long term value can be expected.


Meanwhile, George Lucas said, "For the last 35 years my enjoyment was to be seen and appreciated by Star Wars from generation to next generation. Now that Star Wars is a new generation film production It is time to hand it over to the people. " As I think that Star Wars is a work that continues beyond himself, "It is important to take over while my life exists."

Catharine Kennedy, who is the producer of Lucas Film, is already taking leadership, but Lucas is confident about this regime, Star Wars continues to live by discovering a new place in Disney and even to generations He said that he would thrive and prosper.

Walt Disney Company CEO Robert A. Eiger and George Lucas signing the document.

By Disney

"Star Wars Episode 7" will inherit Star Wars Saga so far, it will be produced for 2015 release. Originally the "Star Wars" series was conceived with Lucas planning all nine copies, but due to various circumstances the six copies of the former trilogy + new trilogy do not make a continuation in all It was told that it became. With the acquisition by Disney, it seems to be able to regain the appearance of the original Star Wars Saga that Lucas had imagined.

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