The publication date of the work for Superman and Batman to play a dream collaboration is postponed

Christopher NolanMr. General conducts production,Zach · SniderA film directing the co-star of the two biggest stars of American chefs "Batman VS Superman (tentative title)"Initially nationwide release was supposed to be July 17, 2015, but it will be postponed to May 6, 2016.

'Superman-Batman' Release Moved to May 6, 2016 | Variety

Warner Brothers said, "Because the movie contains complex visuals, it took enough time for the production team to firmly set the direction," said Berlin VS Superman (tentative) publication date Explain why it was postponed. On May 6, 2016, the newly scheduled release date of "Batman VS Superman (Tentative)", "the avengers(Original title: Marvel's The Avengers) "etc.Marvel StudiosIt is also the planned release date of the new work of nature, attention gathers naturally.

Henry KavillThere is a movie "man of steelFollowing Superman,Ben Affleck"Batman VS superman (tentative title)" decided to play Batman, as of January 20, 2014Pre-productionIn the middle. Besides Henry Kavill from the movie 'Man of Steel'Amy Adams,Lawrence Fishburn,Diane RainIt is decided to appear, and also,Gal · GadotIs another "hero who appears in" Batman VS superman (tentative title) "Wonder WomanI will play.

In 2015 when "Batman VS superman (tentative title)" was scheduled to be released, Disney only distributes "Star Wars: Episode VII(Title: Star Wars: Episode VII) "and"Antman(Title: Ant-Man) ","Avengers · Age of Ultron(Original title: AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON) "are planned to be released.

"Batman VS superman (tentative title)" is a work I'm looking forward to now, what two American comic heroes, Batman and Superman, will show off.

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