The entire internal document of 7000 pages, which is said to hold Facebook's fate, is leaked.

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7000 pages of Facebook internal confidential documents have been leaked. Technology media Ars Technica points out that this is a very promising resource for many organizations investigating Facebook for alleged antitrust laws .

Massive Facebook document leak gives ammunition to investigators | Ars Technica

A company called Six4Three, which had developed a Facebook app “Pinkini” that searches for friends who became bikinis, has leaked 7,000 pages of confidential internal documents. A case filed as evidence in a lawsuit filed on the grounds that it became inaccessible. Initially it was treated as private, but in December 2018, the British Parliament released a part of the internal document on the Internet and became a hot topic.

British Parliament unveiled over 250 pages of confidential documents including internal emails of Facebook executives such as Zuckerberg-GIGAZINE

In addition, some of the internal documents submitted by Six4Three to the court at the end of February 2019 will be newly leaked.

New internal document on Facebook's plan to sell access to user data will be leaked-gigazine


These leaks reveal that Facebook has been lobbying politicians around the world to block the EU's data protection rule GDPR . It also turned out to have been considering selling access to user data, and it was criticized.

Facebook's rooting in politicians around the world to prevent EU data protection rule `` GDPR '' leaked due to internal document leak-GIGAZINE

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The first leak was 250 pages, the second leak was 100 pages, and the amount of internal documents that had been leaked so far was a fraction of the total. However, Duncan Campbell , a British journalist who finally got all the internal documents collected by Six4Three, released all 7000 pages of data on the Internet. Ars Technica said that agencies that investigate alleged violations of Facebook's antitrust laws and authorities that investigate data misuse of Cambridge Analytica could find something useful from the leaked internal documents. Pointed out.

All the leaked data can be accessed from the following site.

Facebook Leaks |

Ars Technica said in a leaked internal document: “Two facts that have long been suspected about Facebook have been revealed. First, we are dealing with user privacy at the most retrospective. The second is that we are working hard to prevent competitors from becoming too powerful, ”he says.

Facebook significantly changed the way developers access user information via the API in 2014. According to the internal document, Facebook was promoting “to enhance privacy”, but it was actually a measure to make money. This is called `` switcharoo '', and as a result of suddenly changing the API, thousands of developers lose access to user information and are criticized externally. . However, Facebook insisted that the update was justified in the name of strengthening the privacy aspects of the login system.

In this case, Justin Osofsky, Facebook's current COO at Instagram, said, “The focus on quality and user experience may be just the right umbrella to hide deprecated APIs.” Is written in the email.

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In addition, Facebook has also categorized competitors' apps and services into three categories: “existing competitors”, “future competitors”, and “developers who partner with business models”. From internal documentation, Facebook bans potential competitors from posting ads on the Facebook app and buys mobile ads or offers private extensions only to `` developers who are affiliated with the business model '' It was also found that access to user information was allowed by allowing them to agree to provide user information with Facebook based on the API contract.

Mark Zuckerberg said in 2013, “We think WeChat, Kakao, and LINE ads need to be blocked because these companies are building social networks and trying to replace us. It ’s not as important as risk, ”he said in an email, and it ’s important not to be competitive. In addition, the internal document contains information that understands 'multiple measures taken by Facebook to prevent competitors from growing'.

At the time of writing, Facebook is faced with many investigations of antitrust violations, and in the United States alone, the House Antitrust Committee, the Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Justice, and 47 state prosecutors have conducted investigations. The In addition, the European regulators are preparing for a lawsuit against Facebook, which is the worst time for Facebook.

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