Secret document of 250 pages including Facebook e-mails internal e-mails from the CEO Zuckerberg will be released publicly by the British Parliament on the net

The British Parliament has published 250 internal Facebook documents on the net, including Mark Zuckerberg's CEO and Sheryl Sandberg COO, including internal official e-mail exchanges with Facebook stakeholders. A confidential document that has refused Facebook to be published stubbornly is finally disclosed.

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In a series of Facebook data leakage cases by Cambridge Analytica, interference with the election was made using all means such as fake news and targeted advertisements, and the president was given a referendum and Donald Trump to question whether Britain 's EU withdrawal (Brexit) is right or wrong It is believed to have had a major impact on the presidential election in 2016 that pushed up.

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Due to circumstances related to Brexit, the British parliament was stubbornly refused although British Parliament called Facebook 's Zuckerburg CEO to the British Parliament' s hearing to elucidate the whole of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Zuckerberg refused to attend the hearing by video talks.

Not only in the United Kingdom but also in the U.S. Cambridge Analytica scandal was a Facebook that was involved, but apart from this scandal, from Six4Three, which developed an application to search for friends who became bikini on Facebook called "Pinkini" An appeal seeking compensation of 250 thousand dollars (about 28 million yen) invested in the development of applications up to the present time due to "Facebook's policy change failed to access the data necessary for application operation" was filed in California, USA It was raised in the state. In the lawsuit, Six4Three submitted the acquired internal document of Facebook as evidence, but it was treated as private.

The British parliament who watched this document said that Ted Kramer, the founder of Six4Three who was already out of business, aimed at the timing of staying in England and London, and that the parliament to submit Facebook internal documents to the British Parliament I issued an order and secured the internal documents stored on the PC. In addition, Mr. Kramer said that if you do not obey the orders you have flashed that there is a possibility of imprisonment, and the Brutish Parliament's brute force method shows that the procedure was unusual.

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Representative Damien Collins of the House of Representatives who secured internal Facebook documents said on Facebook's internal document on 27th November 2018, "There is a warning from engineers alerting Facebook executives of possible interference by Russia "It was clear that the possibility of publishing the document as relevance and public nature is extremely high.

And on December 5, 2018, according to the Representative of Collins, 250 pages of documents summarizing Facebook internal documents were released on the Internet, and anyone can view it.

Note by Damian Collins MP, Chair of the DCMS Committee
(PDF file)

This internal document pertains to Facebook internal communications from 2012 to 2015, which showed that at that time, it was debating how Facebook would sell access rights to user data to lead to sales And that. It explains how Facebook permits application developers access to user data and the specific platform mechanism for feedbacking that data to advertisers. In the document, even after Facebook tightened the privacy policy after 2014, it is said that some companies had priority access to user data, and Netflix and Airbnb It is named for it.

Facebook has always taken the position that "We never sold user's information" consistently, but contradictions arise if you sell access to user data.

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Furthermore, in the document, internal mail of Zuckerburg CEO and Sandberg COO is also being disclosed, and it is also clear that Zakkberg CEO was considering selling personal information as of 2012.

For publication of internal documents indicating that Facebook was selling user data, Zuckerburg has revealed his views on Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg - This week a British Parliament committee ... Facebook

According to Zuckerburg CEO, the internal document published by the British Parliament is a Facebook internal e-mail about a discussion that led to a model change on the Facebook developer platform to eliminate malicious apps that took place from 2014 to 2015 It is only a part, it is fragmentary. After internal discussions, it was eventually decided that "to continue to provide the developer platform for free", "developers can purchase" advertisements "as necessary," and that the model was successful I am talking. And, "This model is the same billing model as paying royalties on Amazon's AWS and Google Cloud, it does not sell data at all, and Facebook has never sold user's data" .

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